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This Woman Threw Herself The Ultimate Costco-Themed Birthday Party

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TikTok creator Jasmine Pak threw herself a Costco-themed birthday party featuring all the best parts...
Jasmine Pak / TikTok

For many of us, there’s no greater wonder in the world than Costco. The popular bulk warehouse store has pretty much everything you could ever dream of: the comfiest pants, 5 lb. pies, and delicious samples around every corner. It’s truly a one-stop-shop for everything a person could ever dream of. Plus, you’re usually getting your best bang for your buck.

One TikToker took her love for the magic that is Costco and celebrated her 28th trip around the sun with a Costco-themed birthday party.

The party — thrown by TikTok creator Jasmine Pak — featured all the best parts of the big box retailer including several food court items, the infamous samples, and hot dog floats. When Pak showed off her party decor, the video soon went viral.

“Things from my Costco-themed birthday party that just make sense,” she wrote at the start of the video before showing off the massive spread of food court staples.

Pak included rotisserie chicken Caesar salad, a couple of the $5 rotisserie chickens, as well as hot dogs, pepperoni pizza and churros. Pretty much ever single customer favorite Costco food court item was there.

Plus each item, including her own birthday cake, was labeled with the classic Costco-style price tag.

Pak served a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and a custom sign that said “Happy Birthday Jasmine” with her name written in the style of the Kirkland Signature logo.

The birthday bash, which was also a pool party, featured hotdog and pizza pool floats available for party guests to enjoy.

Pak also made sure that each of her guests fit the Costco theme, showcasing some of her guests wearing the classic Costco worker uniform with red aprons and name tags, while one even handed out samples.

The birthday girl and a friend wore a T-shirt with an image of Costco’s $1.50 hot dog and drink combo.

“Ain’t no party like a wholesale party,” she wrote in the caption, tagging Costco’s TikTok account and adding, “I love u”

The video quickly went viral, gaining over 3 million views and over 400k likes. Thousands of TikTok users flooded Pak’s comment section, praising the genius birthday theme.

"Omg there was even a sample lady! Y’all stuck to that theme," one user wrote.

"Wait this is iconic," another commented.


In a follow-up video, Pak featured her guests’ attire for the Costco bash, which featured someone dressed up like a “off duty CEO” to a “Sunday Costco mom.”

Pak’s Costco-themed party is another example of people taking something unconventional (but amazing) and making it into a party. Earlier this year, one mom threw her daughter’s birthday party at an Ikea while others have opted for a Target-themed bash.

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