For Your #1 Dad
20 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Have Nothing To Do With Grilling

Give the father figure in your life something he’ll actually use.

by Amber Guetebier
Unique Father's Day gift ideas can include anything from a journal to a splurgy-offroad-cooler.
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Father's Day is upon us, and if you're still at a loss for what to buy for the dad or father figures in your life, you're not alone! Giving the family patriarch a useful gift he'll actually love isn't always easy — no one wants to get the dreaded, "Thanks... this sure is something." Fortunately, unique Father's Day gift ideas as legendary as dear ol' Dad do exist.

And no, this list does not contain BBQ sauce or grilling tools (not that there's anything wrong with those). This year, think outside the box to give Dad a gift that, well, really *is* something. There's nothing dads love more than an opportunity to show off a cool or kitschy present that came from the people they love most. Exhibit A: That "World's Best Dad" mug he keeps on his desk like a trophy.

So, keep scrolling for gift ideas — from steals all the way up to splurges — that all kinds of dads, stepdads, and father figures are sure to love. And hey, if it arrives a few days after the holiday, don't stress... as Dad would say, "It's the thought that counts."


A Thriller To Read On Family Vacay

This heart-pumping new book was dubbed “the first terrific thriller of 2023” by James Patterson, and it’s easy to see why. Former flight attendant and New York Times bestselling author T. J. Newman puts a whole new twist on vacation read in this novel about a commercial jet that crashes over the Pacific with passengers trapped inside, including engineer Will Kent and his 11-year-old daughter, Shannon. The rescue mission is led by professional diver Chris Kent — Shannon’s mom and Will’s soon-to-be ex-wife.


The Old Fashioned Mixer of His Dreams

An easy way to make a delicious Old Fashioned, this magic mixer combines sugar and spice to craft the perfect cocktail. Simply add one part No. 1 to four parts rye whiskey or bourbon and serve it over the rocks with a cherry or orange peel — it’s like you’re in a smoky Chicago bar without ever leaving home.


Fun Flamingo Swim Trunks

With more than 5,000 5-star reviews, these affordable board shorts will be a big hit whether Dad is piloting the pontoon, surfing some waves, or just kicking it in the kiddie pool. And with 35 different patterns and color options, there’s bound to be one for your favorite Pops.


A Funny Shirt for His Collection

The combination of retro styling and dad-joke-level humor makes this the perfect Father’s Day gift for any dad or father figure in your life. You can choose from nine colors, with most colors being 100% cotton — and dads rating them high on the comfort scale.


Taco Socks... With A Pocket!

Celebrate your favorite foodie dad by gifting him these socks equipped with a hidden stash pocket. Perfect for festivals, golfing, or other activities, there’s just enough room to stash a little cash, a credit card, and a key and not worry about things falling out of his pockets when he catches that frisbee and hits the ground rolling. They also come in pizza, rainbow, and more than a dozen other patterns and colors.


An Insulated Pint “Glass”

Whether it’s beer, Arnold Palmers, or coffee, this 20-oz leakproof, insulated tumbler is the end-all-be-all for travel mugs. It keeps things cool when it’s hot out and hot when it’s cold, so there’s no chance of running low during that summer get-together. Comes in several colors, including black, white, silver, green, and mermaid.


Mouth Tape So He (& You) Can Get Better ZZZs

Is this gift for him... or for you? Let’s call it a draw. While you might think this looks like something straight out of The Handmaid’s Tale, mouth taping is becoming an increasingly popular wellness practice for promoting healthier breathing habits. By keeping the mouth shut, the tape reduces snoring — helping everyone in the bed get better sleep. It works even if you’re stuffy or have a deviated septum (your nose is designed to breathe!), and the strong, flexible fabric stays put, even with facial hair. Hostage offers nose strips, too, if that’s more in your comfort zone.


Conversation Starters for the Dinner Table

Want to see a grown man cry? Gift the favorite dad in your life these conversation-starting TableTopics question cards, and then ask him if you can record his answers so you’ll always have these memories. But, in all seriousness, he’ll love these cards that keep the chatter with his loved ones flowing. Each cube holds 135 questions.


A Journal Made for Venting

Now that Twitter is a hot mess, Dad needs somewhere to vent. Give him this journal from Boredwalk so he can write through all those feelings about bad drivers, passive-aggressive co-workers, and yes, even his family. It's the stylish, safe place for rage he didn't know he needed.


So... Many... Sharpies

There’s just something about dads and office supplies! Although, really, who doesn’t love a good Sharpie? Blow his mind with the Ultimate Collection — 25 fine tip and 20 ultra fine tip permanent markers, for a whopping total of 45. He’ll have a color to label every random box stacked in the garage and then some.


A Speaker To Blast His Dad Tunes

This sweet little Bluetooth speaker is super lightweight but packs a great sound. It lasts six hours on a charge and even has five LED light modes, meaning it’s up for anything Dad might throw at it — including water, dirt, sand, snow, and the occasional “oops” when it hits the ground. It has a carabiner clip to attach it to a backpack or belt loop, so Dad will be ready to blast AC/DC anytime he wants. Comes in five different colors.


Ear Buds To Drown Out The Kids On Zoom Calls

JLab is known for audio devices that won’t cost an arm and a leg, and this latest release is a set of earbuds with a lightweight, detachable, noise-canceling boom mic — aka perfect for work-from-home calls.


Bad*ss Shades Designed By Joe Pesci

There are sunglasses, and then there are badass sunglasses designed by Joe Pesci. Make him feel like a Boss while simultaneously protecting his eyes from UV rays. Engraved with Pesci’s autograph, every pair features smokey gradient tint lenses, UV protection, and impact resistance.


Slacks That Look Professional — But Are Stretchy

Dads deserve nice things, especially durable things that don’t need to be ironed and can go from desk to dinner table without looking like they need a swap. He’ll love the low-key stretch cotton and the basic color array: blue, gray, black, and khaki. The pants even have a day of the week embroidered on the stretch band, so you can buy your Monday Blue and Tuesday Black.


A Mad Men-esque Cocktail Glass

Speaking of Old Fashioneds, this set of six high-quality, German-made, 9.8 oz glasses is beautiful and sturdy. The Tritan crystal glass is durable, with no lead and a titanium and zirconium oxide material that resist breakage, chips, and scratches. The geometric pattern of the Aberdeen style has a timeless vibe, whether served in the man cave or the dining room.


A Blanket Big Enough for the Whole Fam

It happens without fail: Dad goes to curl up on the couch with his favorite blanket, and in the blink of an eye, the kids commandeer it for themselves. Problem solved: Meet Big Blanket Co.’s massive Original Stretch Blanket. At 10’ x 10’, this bad boy boasts 100 square feet — as in, yep, it’s even bigger than a king-sized blanket. Its specially formulated, 4-way stretch fabric blend makes it super soft and temper-regulating, and it’s even machine washable.


A Frame To Show Off His Family

One of the top-rated digital frames on the market, the Carver frame pairs a nice, sleek look that goes with almost any decor with unlimited photo storage and self-adjusting brightness for each photo. Just plug it in, use the Aura app to add photos directly from your phone’s camera roll, computer, iCloud, or Google Photos, then watch the magic happen. It even intuitively pairs two images side by side. You can invite friends and family to add photos to contribute and pre-load it for Pop.


An Alarm Clock With Sounds, Lights, & Affirmations

Give Dad a gift that benefits his health (and the health of everyone in the room) with this high-tech sunrise alarm that helps Pops "rest deeply" and "rise rested." With Hatch Restore 2's light and soundscapes, he can fall asleep to the comforting crackle of a campfire and wake up to the gentle sun and lulling pull of the ocean tides at the beach. The Restore 2 also offers a "Morning Moment," where Dad can prepare for the day through affirmations and gentle movement.


The VR Headset He’s Been Dropping Hints About

With the recent announcement of the Meta Quest 3 coming out this fall, this virtual reality headset's price has dropped significantly. Level up by giving Dad a subscription to Supernatural ($19/month or $179/year), an impressive, immersive VR workout he can do through the Meta Quest 2. He'll soon be sweating while feeling like the hero he already is.


An All-Terrain Rolling Cooler

A splurge-worthy gift that will last for years, this rolling cooler puts others to shame. It has all-terrain wheels, a self-tapping removable drink tank, a built-in tap, and a bottle opener. It holds 50 12-oz. slim cans or 48 standard 12-oz. cans, or 12 (yes, 12!) 25-oz. wine bottles. It’s sturdy AF with an EVA foam-bench top and 7+ day ice retention. It also comes in 10 colors, but be aware when ordering that a couple of the colors haven’t dropped yet, so make sure they’re not on pre-order.

If you didn’t find the right item on this list, don’t forget Costco just released a four-pound lemon meringue cheesecake that might do the trick.