The Best Gifts For 6-Months-Olds To Celebrate The Half-Year Milestone

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Getting gifts for a 6-month-old baby is always a fun and exciting endeavor, especially because the older the baby gets, the more aware and interactive they can be with the things you get them. The only challenge is finding a gift that’s age-appropriate for a 6-month-old, because at this age, a baby is beyond newborn toys, but they’re not quite ready for the toddler toys that are designed to keep active tots busy.

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One thing’s for sure: A 6-month-old is not going to be entertained from black and white colors alone, or any of those super simple and basic toys that are designed for early infancy. When they’ve aged half a year, babies are usually sitting up on their own, stacking items, and making stronger eye contact with those around them. They are much more advanced at grabbing at toys instead of just gazing at them and may even follow toys that are in motion.

This means that the best toys for a 6-month-old are, well, actual toys, and ones they’ll find entertaining for the next several months. It’s still important, however, to make sure any chewable toys are not a choking hazard, because at this age, Baby is still teething like crazy and putting everything in their mouth.

Ready to shop the best gifts for a 6-month-old? Here are some of the best toys and gifts that moms are loving most this year.

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