These Bath Bombs For Kids Have The Coolest Surprise Toys Inside

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When stocking up on bathroom essentials for kiddos, bath bombs with toys inside deserve a spot on your shopping list next to the bubble bath and kid-friendly face wash. Bath toys exist to trick little kids into practicing good hygiene, and if your tub is overrun with toys (and bathtub toy storage), then you might need a new con to keep your kids soaking in the bathtub for a few extra minutes.

Enter bath bombs, which have been around since the late 1980s but exploded on the self-care scene in 2014. Adults love them because they create an effervescent bath experience by releasing bubbles and essential oils into the water. Kids love them for the exact same reason, but hiding a little toy inside is a game-changer. If the bath bomb is the fireworks show, the little toy inside is the grand finale.

So if your kid’s nightly bath ritual has become more of a chore, here are the best bath bombs with surprise toys to remind your kids that baths are one of the ultimate luxuries in life.

Best Bath Bombs With Toys Inside


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