8 Best Hammocks To Turn The Backyard Into Your Fave Vacation Spot (Sort Of)

by Karen Tietjen
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Vivere Hammock

When it comes to slowing down and enjoying the simpler things in life, there are few things as relaxing as laying in a hammock. Swaying in the warm breeze between two trees (or on a hammock stand) is the stuff of vacation dreams. Of course this year, staying at a beach resort might not be an option, so to keep from feeling sad, we’re enjoying the fun we can have in our own backyards.

For instance, try creating a little oasis in the yard or on the patio, complete with a comfy hammock and a fruity cocktail by the pool, and for the record, a kiddie pool counts. Heading on a camping trip or adventure? A portable hammock (check out the lightweight, durable ENO below) is an absolute essential. Maybe you have little or no outdoor space of your own? Not to worry — a hammock chair is a glamorous option for a balcony, living room, or even a bedroom. The important thing is that it becomes a calming retreat where you can sit back, relax, and let your cares drift away.

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So whether this summer takes you near or … well, not too far, we’ve rounded up our favorite hammocks to turn your home into your fave relaxation spot. After all, when you find your zen while swinging in the shade, is there really any better place to be?

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