Best Backyard Hammock Stands & Chairs To Kick Back And Relax In 2021

8 Best Hammocks To Turn The Backyard Into Your Fave Vacation Spot (Sort Of)

July 6, 2020 Updated April 29, 2021

Amazon Vivere Family Hammock
Vivere Hammock

When it comes to slowing down and enjoying the simpler things in life, there are few things as relaxing as laying in a hammock. Swaying in the warm breeze between two trees (or on a hammock stand) is the stuff of vacation dreams. Of course this year, staying at a beach resort might not be an option, so to keep from feeling sad, we’re enjoying the fun we can have in our own backyards.

For instance, try creating a little oasis in the yard or on the patio, complete with a comfy hammock and a fruity cocktail by the pool, and for the record, a kiddie pool counts. Heading on a camping trip or  adventure? A portable hammock (check out the lightweight, durable ENO below) is an absolute essential. Maybe you have little or no outdoor space of your own? Not to worry — a hammock chair is a glamorous option for a balcony, living room, or even a bedroom. The important thing is that it becomes a calming retreat where you can sit back, relax, and let your cares drift away.

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So whether this summer takes you near or … well, not too far, we’ve rounded up our favorite hammocks to turn your home into your fave relaxation spot. After all, when you find your zen while swinging in the shade, is there really any better place to be?

Here are our top picks for the best outdoor hammocks!

Best Portable Hammocks for Camping & Backpacking

Wise Owl Outfitters Single and Double Hammock

Perfect for comfort on-the-go! This Amazon best-selling hammock with almost 8,000 reviews is made with parachute nylon that’s both smooth for lounging and durable against the elements. It comes with tree straps and carabiners for quick, easy setup, and even better, it can be packed into its own little pouch. That’s good news if you’re planning a nature-filled road trip this summer … or if you’re simply a commitment-phobe who’s not sure which two trees to string it between. Choose from a dozen color combinations, from neutral black and gray to bold fuchsia or sunny yellow; they also come in one- and two-person sizes.

Customers aren’t shy about shelling out five stars for this outdoor essential. “This hammock is comfortable, durable and a steal for the price,” says a buyer. “I was very pleased with how easy it is to set up. It made it through a very rainy camping weekend and dried quickly.”


ENO SingleNest Camping Hammock

ENO, which stands for Eagles Nest Outfitters, is a favorite brand amongst outdoor enthusiasts. On a camping trip, you’ll love that it’s compact, portable, and easy to set up; keep it in your backyard and you’ll appreciate its durability and rugged good looks. It comes in 18 bright color combinations from emerald green to banana yellow (*insert banana hammock joke here*) and two sturdy carabiners. Pro tip: For effortless, no-knot hanging, you’ll want to get the ENO Atlas suspension straps, too (sold separately).

“My son asked for an ENO for his birthday,” says a reviewer. “While there are a lot of knock-offs on the market, I also knew this would be something he would use for many years to come – so we simply bought an ENO for its high-quality craftsmanship, durable material, and wide range of colors.”


Best Hammock & Stand Sets

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock With Stand

With its rainbow of sherbet colors and convenient stand, this multi-striped hammock will add a cheerful pop anywhere in your backyard. It’ll look great placed next to the kids’ playsets, giving you a chance to *finally* kick back and relax while they burn off energy. Or, maybe you’ll all pile in at once for some family fun under the patio lights and the setting sun. But whether you’re in the mood for a fiesta or a siesta, this hot seller on Home Depot is the low-key option you’ve been looking for.

“We just received this hammock and had it assembled in less than 5 minutes,” says a reviewer. “It goes together so easily – no tools required. The colors are beautiful! It will hold 2 people as well. We were surprised to find that it comes with a carrying bag so you can easily take it apart and take with you wherever! Easy, easy, easy!”


Wayfair Northey Double Classic Hammock With Stand

No trees? No problem. This chic hammock comes with a stand so it can be set up anywhere you please.  A polyester fabrication makes this choice a little extra luxe (water repellent, wrinkle resistant), and the candy-stripe pattern will send you straight to the tropics. Complete with a sturdy steel stand, you can set up your mini-oasis in the backyard, on the deck, or by the water — and yes, you can pretend the kids’ homemade Slip ‘N Slide is a Caribbean lagoon.

Reviewers give it props for looks, simple setup, and comfort. Shares a Wayfair buyer, “Love this hammock. So easy to put together. Very comfortable and the grandkids love it.”


Best Beach Resort-Style Hammocks

Ohuhu Quilted Fabric Double Hammock With Spreader Bar

With its rope ties and coastal stripes, this hammock will give you a taste of beachside livin’ (even if you’re landlocked). Its quilted layer and pillows make it especially nap-worthy, and the perfect place to lie back with a glass of (spiked?) lemonade or a good book. One of the things that sets this hammock apart is its curved bamboo spreader bars, which help keep its shape, plus they’re especially strong and weather-resistant. Bonus: It’s also portable so you can lounge on-the-go.

“Feels thicker and softer than other hammocks we have had, and I love the curved wooden ends,” says a reviewer. “Very stylish and comfortable.” Adds another, “The design of this hammock is excellent because the spreader bars keep it wide enough for two people to get into it comfortably.”


Lazy Daze Hammock With Spreader Bar

The Lazy Daze hammock gets an A+ for looks and this lovely lounger is ideal if your relaxing style is a bit more luxe. It features a padded, quilted lining, and on either side, twisted ropes are strung through a hardwood spreader bar for a traditional aesthetic. Roomy enough for two people (or one parent and a couple of kids), this hammock is perfect for seaside swingin’ … or for pretending you’re on the coast, at least.

Shares a reviewer, “We vacationed in a beautiful hotel which had hammocks at the beach and courtyards and we enjoyed them SO MUCH that I wanted to get one like it for home. I figured the hotel ones were special/expensive and when browsing online this looked close enough. So comfy, so pretty, so sturdy, great quality, just awesome. Staycation break anytime we want! Everyone in our family LOVES it so much and I’m thrilled to have it at home.”


Best Hammock Swings

La Siesta Habana Indoor or Outdoor Hammock Chair

Evoke instant beach cottage vibes by grabbing a seat in this trendy indoor hammock chair. Ideal for adding extra seating to small spaces or laid-back personality to your home, consider hanging this rope chair in the living room, kids’ room, or sun porch. Add a pillow or two and a cozy throw blanket, and you’ve got an instant nook for reading, journaling, napping, or — especially as of late — working from home. Just remember, it doesn’t come with a stand or ceiling mount, so you’ll have to choose the suspension set choice if you need it.

One Amazon reviewer, with the subject line “even makes teenagers smile”, said, “This chair is a total hit. Everyone fights over who’s turn it is to sit in it. It looks and feels high quality. It was very easy to assemble and can easily be washed. Considering buying a second one!”


Bungalow Rose Aviva Swing Hammock Chair for Indoor or Outdoor

Imagine having this beauty in your fav0rite spot … and that could be anywhere, since this stand-alone hammock chair requires no mounting. Weather and UV-resistant materials mean it’ll hold up for outdoor use, but you can also keep it indoors if you just need a little corner of your own. But no matter where you put it, make sure the fam knows that when you’re swayin’, you can’t hear what they’re sayin.’ So sink in, turn up your earbuds, and feel the “oooommmmm.”

“It’s the comfiest thing in my backyard right now,” says a Wayfair reviewer. “I sit it and start to immediately yawn. Everyone who’s sat in it so far refuses to get up.” Adds another, “I wanted something interesting to place in my living room to give my apartment some personality and this chair has done exactly that. “If I’m not sitting in it, I can’t stop staring at it!”


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