10 Best Bed Pillows To Get That Restful, Hotel-Like Slumber At Home

by Jenn Sinrich
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Chances are, your hotel hopping days are on pause for now due to, you know, the pandemic sweeping the globe, but also because you have kids and they’re a pain in the a** to take anywhere. Both predicaments mean you probably won’t be shipping your offspring to Grandmas for a night— booking some long overdue sleep-filled nights away or at home.

One thing we all love about hotel stays— in addition to oversized bath towels, free toiletries and buffet breakfasts— is that they always seem to have the BEST pillows and bedding. What do they know that we don’t?

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Quality pillows are so important (unless you’re one of those aliens who prefer to sleep pillowless). An uncomfortable pillow can ruin a perfectly good night’s sleep and leave you with perpetual neck pain: two things you can’t afford when you have a toddler waking you up at the a** crack of dawn by peeling your eyelids back. All this home time might be the perfect time to upgrade your at-home bed situation by investing in premium, hotel-quality pillows.

All pillows are not made equal. They come in various sizes in both length and height, and are stuffed with all sorts of things, from bird feathers and microbeads to polyester and memory foam. How do you know which is best for you? There’s usually a bit of trial and error involved. Luckily, we did the testing so you don’t have to and we’re sharing the gift of restful sleep you so deserve (because #selfcare).

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