13 Coolest Car Beds For Kids 2021: Toddler & Twin Race Car Beds

These Cool Kids Car Beds Will Have Them Racing Off To Dreamland

March 30, 2021 Updated May 7, 2021

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Behold the racecar bed, the ideal solution for any parent who struggles with getting their kid to cooperate at bedtime (aka, all parents). After all, who wouldn’t want to fall asleep in a super-fun bed that sparks imagination? (Also see: Loft beds.) They’ll be racing off to dreamland in no time! We know that transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed or even their first big kid bed can be daunting. To make the big switch easy on everyone, make sure you’re prepared with the right gear. Mattresses are sold separately from all of the bed frames we’ve compiled below, but they all fit either a standard crib mattress or a twin-sized one. You’ll also need safe pillows and a cute bedding set to complete their new big kid bedroom.

We should warn you that with the purchase of a race car bed, you may be woken up early in the morning to your kid yelling like they’re in the final lap of the Indy 500. But the joy on their little faces when they see their new car bed will make it all worth it in the end. (Hmm … maybe an okay-to-wake clock is in order, too?) Most of these bed frames below are built so the mattress sits low in the frame, allowing the “doors” of the car to act as safety rails, but if you’ve got a little one who is notorious for rolling out of bed it can’t hurt to get some additional toddler rails. Below, you’ll find a variety of different car beds, from your traditional racecar style, to a Jeep, and even a supercar that features its own working horn and headlights!

Best Car Beds For Kids

Delta Children's DC Comics Batman Batmobile Twin Bed

Your Batman-loving little superhero will be so excited to have their room transformed into the Bat Cave with this Batmobile twin bed from Delta Children. (Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep in the Batmobile?) The design of the bed features a winged spoiler, racing wheels, and Batman logo decals. The frame is constructed out of durable plastic, so it’ll hold up over the years. There’s no box spring required with this frame, however, you will need to purchase a twin mattress separately.

$259.99 AT AMAZON

Furniture of America Metal Twin Car Bed

This isn’t your traditional-looking car bed. For a more minimalistic look, this metal frame looks like the bare bones you’d see in a go-kart. A cool feature of the frame is the 4 giant tires that cover each leg of the bed, so it looks like the mattress is resting on wheels. It’s a twin-size bed, making it ideal for sleepy little drivers past the toddler stage.


Zoomie Kids Novak Coupe Italia Twin Car Bed

For those who really want to splurge on a crazy realistic-looking car bed, this Novak Coupe Italia bed will make anyone feel like they’re driving the streets of Monaco. You can get this bed in 4 different colors including white, red, black, and blue. For the price, the bed comes with a lot of bells and whistles: There’s a wireless remote that controls the engine start, acceleration, and cruise control sounds, as well as the underbody lights (which double as a night light!). Some other cool features include the leatherette upholstered headboard that’s designed like a real car seat, interior protective padding, LED lights, carbon fiber front spoilers, chrome exhaust pipes, and side acrylic windows that serve as safety rails. (Whew!)

$1364.11 AT AMAZON

Little Tikes Jeep Wrangler Toddler to Twin Convertible Bed

Get your child a bed that will grow with them over time. This Jeep Wrangler model bed is convertible, so it can be your toddler’s first big kid bed and it’ll expand when they’re ready for a normal twin-sized bed. The wheels of the bed lift the frame off the ground, so there is room for storage underneath. There’s also a “spare tire” slot that doubles as a shelf so your kid can keep any of their knick-knacks close to them while they sleep. You’ll need 9 AAA batteries for the two LED lights on top of the rollbar. While the frame is converted to a toddler bed, use a standard crib mattress. And when it’s being used as a twin bed, a standard twin mattress will fit.

$329.99 AT WALMART

Best Race Car Beds For Toddlers

KidKraft Racecar Toddler Bed

When your toddler is ready to move out of the crib, make the change an exciting one! This traditional race car-style bed will make them eager to sleep in a real bed. The front of the race car features a little shelf for your kid to keep any books, shoes, or toys on. The frame is made out of wood and includes wooden slats, so no box spring is required. However, you will need to purchase the toddler mattress separately.

$442.99 AT AMAZON

Cilek Spyder Race Car Toddler Bed

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly version of a “supercar” toddler bed, this Cilek Spyder frame is offered in 4 colors: pink, blue, red, and white. The frame fits a standard crib mattress and is suitable for children 15 months and older. As an added bonus, the high sides of the frame act as guard rails to prevent your little racer from rolling out of the bed.


Hokku Designs Speedy Racer Car Bed

This racer car bed from Hokku Designs is totally different then the others — and that’s why we love it so much. The silver and black design feels a classy and cool, and major bonus points for coming in both twin and full sizes! One Mama reviewed the bed and said, “Such a nice bed that my little boy loves it so much! Good quality, totally fit in adult and kid, makes the bed time story much easier. Highly recommended”

$539.99 AT WAYFAIR

Delta Children Disney® Pixar Lightning McQueen Race Car Bed

Calling all Pixar fans! This Lightning McQueen-style toddler bed is a must-have for any kiddo transitioning out of a crib. Your kid will love how the frame is designed with the iconic decals belonging to everyone’s favorite talking race car; you’ll love how its low-to-the-ground profile gives you peace of mind. It fits a standard crib mattress, so you can use the one you already have in your babe’s crib!

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Delta Children Paw Patrol Wood Toddler Bed

Any tot who’s obsessed with the four-legged rescuers will enjoy curling up in this Paw Patrol firetruck bed. It’s made with “strong as sturdy wood” (as per the description) and is suitable for kiddos ages 15 months and older, meaning it’s the paw-fect next step once your little one has graduated from a crib. Speaking of which, it fits a standard crib-size mattress, plus it has high sides to keep your babe in, no matter how much they toss and turn.

$99.99 AT AMAZON

Best Twin Car Beds

Delta Children Turbo Race Car Twin Bed

Vroom, vroom! Your kiddo will be racing to get into bed (ha, here’s hoping) in this turbo car bed from Zoomie Kids. It comes in multiple colors, including pink, black, red, and blue, and is designed with a spoiler headboard, wheel accents, and faux headlights. There is no box spring required and it fits a standard twin mattress.

$219.99 AT AMAZON

Hokku Designs Off Road Twin Car Bed

Okay, this off road car bed is pretty freaking cool. The front can double as a desk or activity station while they hang out in bed (because yes, even kiddos need a lazy day). “This bed is soooo cool! Very heavy and sturdy,” said one reviewer. “My 2 year old LOVES it! There were no struggles in transitioning him from the crib to this bed! He was more than excited. He also uses it as his personal jungle gym swinging from the bars. This is my favorite purchase so far with Wayfair.”

$869.99 AT WAYFAIR

Step2 Turbocharged Twin Car Bed

This turbocharged pickup truck bed differs from the typical “race car” design. For those who like to sleep higher off the ground, this frame is a great pick because it does require a twin-size box spring (however, it’s not included). Underneath, there’s a pull-out drawer for extra storage, meaning happy kid, happy mom.

$377.93 AT WALMART

Delta Children Disney® Minne Mouse Car Twin Bed

This flashy pink car bed is perfect for any Minnie Mouse fan. The frame is designed with classic Minnie Mouse decals including her signature bows on the spoiler headboard. It fits a standard twin mattress and you can choose whether or not to add a box spring; without it, the mattress will sit low enough for the sides to acts as safety guard rails.


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