The Best Fidget Cubes To Keep Hands Busy And Minds Calm

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The best fidget cubes for kids are great to have on hand because they’re not only a fun toy, but loads of parents say they help their kids by soothing nerves and providing some sensory stimulation. Interactive toys come in all varieties, from cat toys to toy cash registers. But fidget cubes are unique in that they’re typically played with while your child is doing something else, like homework or waiting for you to finish up in the Target self-checkout line. Keeping younger kids and toddlers busy with things like activity tables is great for building fine motor skills, but fidget cubes are more for slightly older children and adults.

What is a fidget cube?

A fidget cube is a plastic or metal handheld toy that has fidget tools on each side, like gears, joysticks, or buttons. Fidget cubes are both stimulating and distracting, and they’re satisfying to play with. You’ve probably heard of their cousin, the fidget spinner, which blew up around 2017. They were marketed as a tool to help kids stay focused at school, but they became so popular in the classroom that some schools literally banned them because they were causing too many distractions.

Do fidget cubes help with ADHD?

Although they’re marketed as a helpful tool for children with ADHD, there’s technically no evidence or concrete data to support the claim that fidget cubes or fidget spinners help kids focus better on tasks. But plenty of parents and teachers disagree and use fidget cubes and other sensory toys to keep their kids calm and engaged, or as part of a therapy program.

Board-certified child psychiatrist Dr. Sheldon Zablow says “I have recommended and given out these toys for over 40 years and see them as a tool, among others, that can reduce anxiety and improve concentration.” But with so many different brands of fidget cubes out there, you might be asking yourself which is best for your child. “The type of toy matters less than ease of use, quietness, and feel,” says Dr. Zablow. “A child or adult will need to find the one that is best for them and to have a few handy in case one is misplaced. Digital fidgets are another good tool in the anxiety-reducing toolbox.”

Even if your kid doesn’t have issues with attention or anxiety, fidget cubes are so oddly satisfying that kids (and adults) love handling them. Some parents keep a few in the car so their kids have something to play with in a long drive-thru line, and they’re great for distracting a nervous child who is waiting to see the doctor or dentist. And even adults use them during meetings to give anxious hands something to do, because sometimes we all just need to be distracted for a few minutes, right? With that said, here are the best fidget cubes for kids (and adults) who love to keep their hands active.

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