These Interactive Hamster Toys Are Almost As Good As A Real-Live Critter (Maybe Better)

by Bailey Cox
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Stuffed hamster toys are great for kiddos who love all things hamsters but might not be ready to handle the responsibility of owning an actual pet. Hamsters are considered to be an “exotic pet,” so it’s recommended you do a lot of research to consider if this fuzzy critter will be the right fit for your family (you’ll learn tons of interesting facts along the way, trust me). They require a lot of maintenance in order to be properly cared for — and really, it’s the same for any pet you want to add to the family. So whether it’s an interactive cat toy, walking a robot dog, or taking care of a baby doll, we’re all for toys that teach responsibility from an early age (without requiring — you know — actual responsibility).

To fill the hamster void in your tot’s life, try getting them their own interactive talking hamster toy. There are some fantastic educational ones modeled after them, such as the talking hamster toys. These make great companions for young children with autism who struggle with speech or little ones who are in the process of learning language. A lot of these toys also allow for parent-to-child interaction that encourages your little one to start speaking; some let you talk to them and they’ll repeat back what you say while doing a cute little dance. This will hopefully encourage them to repeat what the hamster said and say it back, themselves. They’ll spend hours making noises at the hamster and giggling every time it sings back at them, looking cute as a big-eyed Disney character.

We found some of the most highly-rated talking hamster toys on Amazon as well as some adorable stuffed plushies and pillows that everyone will want to snuggle up with.

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