Holiday Gift Guide For Your Art-Loving Child

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Best Art Activities For Gifts

Art does wonders for a child’s imagination and self-esteem. Seriously, give ’em a paintbrush or a coloring book and watch their creativity soar. When it comes to art activities for kids, there’s no shortage of ways to get them doodling. From starter art sets consisting of markers, paint, and colored pencils to a full-blown easel that your artist-in-training can use 24/7, even beginners have to start somewhere. If traditional art and craft activities aren’t a hit, then don’t hesitate to think outside the box. There are plenty of other mediums to explore, including but not limited to sewing, pottery-making, and even window art.

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We’ve made it super easy to satisfy the art lover in your life with our favorite mom-approved finds. Check out the best art activities for kids of 2020 to give as gifts.

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