8 Kids Toy Storage & Room Organization Ideas So Sh*t Can Finally Get Put Away

by Anna Baboval
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Kids Toy Storage

You say no to toys for birthdays and holidays, yet magically our LOs toy population seems to triple overnight. Those of us living this work from home life with toddlers and kiddos of various ages are lucky if we can get on a bra and take a shower, never mind finding time to clean up all the crap our toddler tornadoes have left behind. Playroom storage and organization is a must in the life of any mama looking to have 5 minutes of uninterrupted coffee time that doesn’t involve stepping on LEGOs or knocking over a building block tower.

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We like to see our kids playrooms cleaned up because let’s face it, a mess is stressful. Adding a kids sized table and chairs (especially one that doubles as storage) can help as a craft organizer for coloring supplies, but we know the real beast is all those dolls and toys. They need to be organized. Helping our kids develop an organizational system or at least finding a place to put all their sh*t actually helps with their own development. Problem solving and goal setting are key components to executive functioning. And organizational skills lead to more success later on in life with time management and productivity. Kids don’t care about this, they just want something that looks cool, they can open themselves, and a space to call their own.

We’ve rounded up 8 of the best toy storage solutions for busy mamas in need of a little playroom organization (aka sanity) that are as functional as they are IG worthy. Mama just invented a new game— Who can put things where they go the fastest? Ready, set, go!

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Best Kids Toy Chests

Best Kids Toy Storage

Find some creative ideas to help organize the chaos? We know a mama who uses a shoe rack for all of her daughter’s Barbie dolls, genius! Now that we’ve checked bins and baskets off the list, here’s some more mom approved kids gear.


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