Here Are Some Cozy And Convenient Nursing Pajamas & Gowns

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Hey there, Mama or soon-to-be-Mama — you did it! The hoping, the praying, and the ovulation calculators have worked and now you have a little one to take care of. But we love that you’re here to find nursing gowns and pajamas. Because in addition to buying and registering for the millions of things you want/need for your new baby, you’re also taking care of *you*. You grew a human inside your body—you deserve the softest, most comfortable nursing pajamas, gowns, and loungewear to make breastfeeding as easy and cozy as possible.

Nursing isn’t easy for everyone, or even possible for everyone, but if it does work out for you and your baby, you might as well wear pajamas you never want to take off. And that are convenient for breastfeeding. We searched the web to find what we would want to wear (and do wear) around the house (and outside the house, because who even cares anymore) to make accessing that coveted milk supply, AKA boobs, quick and easy. Take a look at our top picks of the best nursing gowns, pajamas, and loungewear below.

Best Nursing Gowns

Best Nursing Pajamas for the Hospital

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