These "Sock Shoes" Are An Amazon Bestseller & They Have Sooo Many Uses

by Caroline Macon Fleischer
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OK, sure—after surviving summer camp in the ‘90s and early aughts, many of us left our swim shoes behind and never looked back. But now, “sock shoes” are around and they’re good for water activities and more. Vifuur’s quick-drying aqua socks can be worn for beach days, yoga sessions, fishing, cruise or waterpark vacations, and more.

Heck, some reviewers even use them in lieu of fuzzy slippers for lounging at home (an especially great alternative for warmer weather). Really, the uses are endless. In fact, we’d go as far as saying they’re a wardrobe staple for kids and adults, alike.

AJ via Amazon

This combo of fine stretch fabric (the finest) and strong rubber soles will keep your feet comfy during long active days. Over 47,000 5-star reviewers are obsessed with these shoes (or socks? …or both?), and many comment on their quality protection. This reviewer said, “These were perfect for my trip to Kauai. The beach we were near had hidden rocks in the sand—big volcanic rocks that hurt to step on… except for ME in my fancy shoes. I wore them almost constantly for a week and they held up great under all kinds of stress.”

Sophia via Amazon

Another key feature is the slip-proof quality. A UK reviewer wrote, “I have recently started an aqua exercise class but felt quite vulnerable when walking around the edge of the pool. These slip-ons are perfect as they are so easy to put on, fit well, give confidence when poolside, yet do not interfere when swimming or exercising in the water.” So whether you are new to water aerobics or are a seasoned pro, these socks can help boost confidence and the feeling of safety while you werq.

What’s more? They come in some pretty funky colors and patterns so you can work your personal style while you wash the car, hit the tide, hop on the cycle, or do whatever it is you do best. There are 44 styles, and while they may look retro, they are the here and now. I mean, cheetah print? Yes.


It’s been a minute since I went swimming in any meaningful athletic way, but Vifuur’s Aqua Sock Shoes are doing a good job of luring me back to the water. Maybe you’ll catch me in the next summer Olympics.

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