8 Best Sunglasses For Summers Spent In The Yard And Vacations To Come

by Anjerika Wilmer
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Best Sunglasses For Women

Nothing signals the arrival of warmer weather like a bangin’ one-piece swimsuit, your favorite sunscreen, and a killer pair of sunglasses that suddenly makes you feel like a bombshell babe. Okay, maybe a mojito in hand (in our wildest dreams), and then we’re talking.

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Being a busy mom, you’re no stranger to doing ALL the things. Conference calls à la Zoom, riding bicycles around the block, supervising the kiddos as they make a mess in the outdoor sandbox that you thought was so brilliant only a few months ago… you get the idea. No matter what your summer plans entail, you’re going to need a pair of shades (or several) to keep up with your marathon lifestyle.

But how do you go about picking just one pair?! If you don’t already have polarized sunglasses with UV protection (to block out harmful rays and glare) in your diaper bag, then that’s a good place to start. Beyond that, it really comes down to personal preference. Are you a trendy mama who craves the latest cat-eye or do you like to keep it cool with Ray-Ban classics? Maybe this summer you’re ready to graduate from your cheap $10 boardwalk knockoffs and invest in prescription eyewear (that will be kept in its case away from the kids).

Ahead, we’ve compiled a roundup of the best mom-approved sunglasses for women that fit and flatter. From inexpensive shades that can endure a little wear and tear to those splurgy brand new Warby Parker sunglasses you’ve been seeing on IG— we’ve got all your bases covered.

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