Hello? These 10 Toy Phones Are Perfect For Little Chatterboxes

best toy phones for kids

Toy phones for kids — heck, for babies and toddlers, too — are basically a toy box must-have alongside Spider-Man toys and unicorn coloring pages. Gone are the days when you get your first cell phone in high school. Now toddlers are getting cell phones! Okay, maybe that’s not quite true (well, in most cases), but a toy telephone that looks just like an iPhone is probably present in many, many households these days. For all the children who want to be just like their parents, there is a kids play phone for each of them, no matter the age. Toy companies are even making phone toys suitable for babies to help them learn how to push buttons and follow light signals — and start learning how to make important calls. For now, it’s probably to the dog in the next room to ask if they’ll come over and play or watch videos on their tablet … because of course, your kiddo has one of those.

The big plus side of toy phones for kids is that they’ll be much easier on your wallet. These toys are usually in the $10-$20 range, and you don’t have to worry about an expensive data plan. They’re also perfectly portable, so you can throw it into your diaper backpack to keep Baby entertained while you’re on the go. Enjoy this time with your kids not fully connected to their screens with a toy cell phone that’ll keep them busy and chatting all day. We picked out a bunch of toy phones from Amazon — from cell phones to old-school rotary telephones (“what’s that?!”)— that your kids are definitely going to love.

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