The Best Unicorns Gifts For Both Kids & Adults Because We Could All Use A Little Magic

by Megan McCarty
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Amazon/Amazon Handmade
Amazon/Amazon Handmade

Giving a unicorn gift for a kid or an adult = guaranteed mom/aunt/friend of the year. We all need a little magic in our lives – especially now – so good news: Here comes a stampede of unicorns to the rescue! Whether you’re 4 years old, 40 years old, or 104, unicorns never seem to lose their mystical appeal, and we’re not questioning it. If you’re looking for a present for anyone in that age range, unicorn-themed gifts are a sure-fire winner, from pajamas sets to DIY crafting projects to bedroom decor and more. We’ve made it extra easy for you by rounding up the best unicorn gifts for kids and adults alike. (Oh, and be sure to print out these free unicorn coloring pages while you’re at it!)

The unicorn lover in your life is about to become very, very lucky. Thankfully, unicorn gifts for kids and toddlers are ubiquitous, from the aisles of your neighborhood Walmart to scrolling your go-to sites. Amazon hosts a slew of unicorn gifts, as does Maisonette. Read on to see our favorites, from a glow-in-the-dark throw blanket (want!) to the most adorable mobile we’ve ever seen. Unicorns are the trend that never fades (right there with Baby Shark, for better or worse), but when it comes to our mystical, rainbow-horned friends, we’re here for it. And don’t worry llamas — we love you too.

Best Unicorn Gifts For Adults

Best Unicorn Gifts For Kids & Toddlers

Best Personalized Unicorn Gifts

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Best Unicorn Gifts From Amazon


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