Wearable Blankets: Because You're An Adult And You Do What You Want

by Gina Vaynshteyn
Originally Published: 
wearable blankets

These wearable blankets will keep you warm and looking fierce. It’s wintertime, Mamas. Time to hole up, cozy up, and binge-watch with abandon. But let’s face it, getting comfortable is hard. You need a sweater, a blanket, socks, and pants. Those are way too many things. Fear not. Wearable blankets are here to make comfort more convenient for the whole family. No blanket hogging, no adjusting, and no frozen toes. Plus, these are hilarious, and you can wear them ironically or non-ironically and still be warm and toasty at the end of the day, which is what really matters. And if your baby needs one, you can get ’em a sleep sack. Which is essentially what you’re wearing, but, uh, grownup size.

Behold: the best wearable blankets.

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