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The CW’s The 100 may have gone off the air in 2020, but the best quotes from the show’s seven seasons will live on like any other of our favorite shows. This apocalyptic show features a group of people who come back to Earth after inhabiting a space station for almost a hundred years following a nuclear catastrophe. And while it may not be quite as light and fluffy as shows like Friends or The Office, it’s definitely one that we found ourselves tuning in for week after week to see how the story would play out — and who would inevitably be killed off next. Like we said, not light! Ahead you’ll find more than 100 of the best quotes from The 100, from the silly to the poignant, and when you get to the point where you need a break from the heavy show, flip over to our How I Met Your Mother quotes or Schitt’s Creek quotes for a palate cleanser.

The 100 Quotes

Bellamy Blake quotes

  1. “If you’re wrong and there is a hell… then I guess I’ll see you there.”
  2. “We thought we should let you know that you killed your own people. Enjoy your walk.”
  3. “We’re building a life here. Not trying to make peace with people who only understand war.”
  4. “I say, screw fear. I’m telling my own damn story.”
  5. “What’s wrong with a little chaos?”
  6. “Fear is what fear is. Slay your demons when you’re awake, it won’t be there to get you when you sleep.”
  7. “Down here, weakness is death, fear is death.”
  8. “My mother, if she knew what I’ve done, who I am. She raised me to be better. To be good. And all I do is hurt people. I’m a monster.”
  9. “Leaders do what they think is right.”
  10. “Can’t run away fast enough, huh? Real brave.”
  11. “If we don’t she died in vain, and I’m not gonna let that happen. You with me?”
  12. “Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things.”
  13. “I say, screw fear. I’m telling my own damn story.”
  14. “We do that too unless the people we care about are in trouble. Then we do what has to be done.”
  15. “If you’re looking for someone to talk you down, tell you that you’re just upset and not thinking straight, I’m not that guy.”

Clarke Griffin Quotes

  1. “If we stick together, I give you my word. We won’t just survive. We’ll thrive.”
  2. “You’re the idiot who wasted a month of oxygen on an illegal spacewalk.”
  3. “There are no good guys.”
  4. “Maybe life should be about more than just surviving. Don’t we deserve better than that?”
  5. “I’m still new to your culture but when someone saves your life, my people say thank you.”
  6. “You may be the chancellor, but I’m in charge.”
  7. “They dropped us on the wrong damn mountain.”
  8. “You don’t ease pain. You overcome it.”
  9. “Show my people how powerful you are. Show them you can be merciful. Show them you’re not a savage.”
  10. “You take a breath, then another. That’s it.”
  11. “I was born in space. I’ve never felt the sun on my face or breathed real air or floated in the water. None of us have.”
  12. “Don’t worry, Murphy. Hell is big enough for both of us.”
  13. “Life should be about more than just surviving.”
  14. “We can let the bad things that happened to us define who we are, or we can define who we are.”
  15. “I used to think that fighting was what we do. Now I’m worried it’s what we are.”
  16. “You say having feelings makes me weak, but you’re weak for hiding them.”
  17. “I don’t want to build a bomb. I want to blast off.”
  18. You’re watching us, but you haven’t seen a thing.”
  19. “Please, Bellamy, I need you to hear this. We’ve been through a lot together, you and I. I didn’t like you at first, that’s no secret, but even then, every stupid thing you did, it was to protect your sister. She didn’t always see that, but I did. You’ve got such a big heart, Bellamy.”

Thelonious Jaha Quotes

  1. “Good can come out of even the darkest acts.”
  2. “I flew down from space. I defied death. It was all for a reason, it has to be.”
  3. “Take me home, Marcus. Take me to my wife. Take me to Wells.”
  4. “Blowing a space station out of the sky to get others to join isn’t exactly an inspirational Unity Day story.”
  5. “We can’t save them if they don’t want to be saved.”

Marcus Kane Quotes

  1. “Being a good leader means knowing which battles to fight.”
  2. “If we’re going to kill hundreds of innocent people, we’re gonna do it by the book. Is that clear?”
  3. “Somehow we allowed justice to become vengeance and vengeance to become sport, and I allowed that, that darkness to rise… but my complicity ends today.”
  4. “Friendship’s a luxury we can’t afford.”
  5. “One decision does not define a man.”
  6. “No one else can die because of me.”
  7. “A wise man once told me, I needed to learn when not to follow the law.”
  8. “Salvation comes at a price.”
  9. “Peace with the Grounders is the only way we’ll survive.”
  10. “I spent time with your commander. She’s a visionary.”
  11. “In peace, may you leave the shore. In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels until our final journey to the ground. May we meet again.”

Luna Quotes

  1. “I didn’t flee the concave because I was afraid I would lose. I fled because I knew I would win.”
  2. “Because of the color of my blood, I was raised to be a killer. The Flamekeepers harnessed my rage and taught me it was nobility. For years, I reveled in death and violence. I killed my own brother. So trust me when I tell you, if I found peace — you can.”
  3. “I fight for death. When I win, no one will be saved.”
  4. “Today people I loved died. Needlessly. At my hand. I can’t allow that to happen again.”
  5. “What if the fight is all we are? We torture, kill, betray. We pretend we’re more than that just to make ourselves feel better, but it’s a lie.”
  6. “Skaikru taught me that people are cruel and violent, and selfish to the core.”

Octavia Blake Quotes

  1. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
  2. “There are people worth saving. Just not you.”
  3. “One garden, two serpents. Eden never stood a chance.”
  4. “The warrior doesn’t mourn the dead until the war is over.”
  5. “We’re back, bitches!”
  6. “You swore an oath to fight for all mankind. Well, look around you, we are mankind… if I kill you, I kill myself!”
  7. “For the record, you didn’t save Finn. That was me. But whatever you want to tell yourself to feel better.”
  8. “The farmers won’t save the world, Monty. The warriors will.”

Lexa Quotes

  1. “Victory stands on the back of sacrifice.”
  2. “I do care, Clarke, but I made this choice with my head and not my heart. The duty to protect my people comes first.”
  3. “When I die, my spirit will find the next commander.”
  4. “We do what we must to survive. The enemy does the same. It’s not personal.”
  5. “That’s what it means to be a leader, Clarke. The truth is, we must look into the eyes of our warriors and say, ‘Go die for me.'”
  6. “Tonight, we celebrate our newfound peace. Tomorrow, we plan our war.”
  7. “What you did tonight will haunt you until the end of your days.”
  8. “It helps no one to dwell on the past, and that’s not why I’m here. You’re right, I’m not just letting you go back to your people; I want something more. I want your people… to become my people.”
  9. “Life is about more than just surviving.”
  10. “Then you put the people you care about in danger and the pain will never go away. The dead are gone, Clarke. The living are hungry.”
  11. “The massacre must be answered. Blood must have blood.”
  12. “I just need one thing in return. Deliver me the one you call ‘Finn.’ Our truce begins with his death.”
  13. “What you’ve done haunts you, and it’s easier to hate me than to hate yourself.”

Indra Quotes

  1. “The time of the commanders is past. The time of the flame is past. This is your time. Let me help you.”
  2. “My village deserves justice.”
  3. “We’re at war, and a warrior does not mourn those she’s lost till after the battle is won.”

Raven Reyes Quotes

  1. “I’m not mad at you for saving my life. I’m mad at you for making me care about yours. Understand?”
  2. “I don’t choose pain. I choose life. Let’s get to work.”
  3. “There’s nothing like a little pain to remind you you’re alive.”
  4. “That wasn’t your ‘nothing’ face. That was your ‘going on a spacewalk’ face.”
  5. “Well, my mom was AWOL most of my life. When she did show up, it was empty-handed. Pretty sure she had me just to trade in my rations for moonshine.”
  6. “You’re the most beautiful broom in a broom closet of brooms.”
  7. “You’re wrong, Abby. She stopped being a kid, the day you sent her down here to die.”

Jasper Jordan Quotes

  1. “For all its faults, Earth is really beautiful.”
  2. “People think I’m cool and that upsets you.”
  3. “What is the point in beating yourself up over all the crappy things you’ve done? You did them! And don’t say you had reasons, because at the end of the day, at the end of the world, nobody gives a damn about your reasons, because they are your reasons.”
  4. “Was that a dream or did I get speared?”
  5. “Sit there at your own risk. I think I might be cursed.”
  6. “You know, someday when all this is over, you’re gonna realize that foam bit was funny.”

Echo Quotes

  1. “Hesitation is death.”
  2. “Quiet. They take the strongest ones.”
  3. “It’s like Queen Nia used to say, war makes murderers of us all.”

Finn Collins Quotes

  1. “You don’t like being called ‘princess,’ do you, Princess?”
  2. “Dying in a fight you can’t win isn’t brave, Bellamy. It’s stupid.”
  3. “Nobody thought any of us would survive, but we did. You should take a minute to appreciate that.”
  4. “I don’t speak Grounder, but I’m pretty sure this means ‘keep out.'”
  5. “If the two of us can get along, then perhaps there’s hope.”
  6. “Did you want to keep it down or should I paint a target on your back?”
  7. “But I’m reckless. And irresponsible.”
  8. “I just wanted to have my first earth sex. You were around, passably cute…”
  9. “Why so serious, Princess? It’s not like we died in a fiery explosion.”

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