All Aboard! 9 Train Coloring Pages To Entertain Your Little Conductor

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Train Coloring Pages

There’s something so adventurous and beautiful about trains (especially Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts Express, right?). Trains are typically a more relaxing and scenic mode of transportation — one that allows you to travel all over the country from the comfort of cozy train cars. What better way to get to know a region or city than looking out of your large window to the incredible views? Not to mention it’s less stressful than plane, bus, or car travel. Those modes are not only rife with ups and downs, but they’re also all about getting from point A to point B. In other words, they’re all about the destination. Train travel? It’s all about the journey. And how romantic is that? Trains are inherently charming. And, as you’re about to discover, so are train coloring pages.

From the conductor to the food car to cozily watching the world go by, there’s something nostalgic about train travel that you can’t find anywhere else. Granted, the train might not be the first thought when it comes to family vacations, but it definitely should be considered an option. We recommend getting into the traveling spirit with your kids by sparking their imaginations about trains with these free printables. Hey, if Harry Potter and his friends love to travel by train, then we can all get on board with that, too.

If you steam through these and need more coloring pages, we’ve got plenty more where these came from. Dinosaurs, cars, hearts, fish — take your pick! Or should we say choo-choo-choose your favorite? (#SorryNotSorry.)

Free Train Coloring Pages

1. Bullet Train

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Talk about efficiency — Japan‘s Bullet Train can travel up to speeds of 320 km/h (200 mph). Which is fast! While they might look like trains of the future, Bullet Trains began operation in 1964. What will yours look like? A little mix of the future with the old? We’ve come a long way since the first train was built in 1804 — it could only go 10 miles per hour! The Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York can also learn a lot from the Japanese train system. They rarely have delays, and if a setback lasts more than five minutes, the staff apologizes to each passenger.

2. Waving From the Train

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Traveling is always better with a friend. One of the best things about the train is how roomy and comfortable it is, with lots of legroom for space and lots of windows to help you see the world go by. Who would you and your kids want to travel with? Where would you like to go? Do you have a craving for francesinha and eat pho at least once a week? Well, you can hop on a train in Portugal that takes you all the way to Vietnam. It’s a 12-day trip and is more than 10,000 miles long. This is the longest train ride in the world! Fun fact: When trains first came on the scene, people thought humans would melt if they rode them because of how fast they went.

3. Train Engine

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The most important part of the train is usually the first car of the train: the locomotive or railway engine, which pulls the cars along the track. This is a powerful and proud part of the train. What types of colors would best describe that? Would it be something bold like red and gold? Or something sleeker like black or silver? Did you know in Moscow, stray dogs ride the train too? They take it from the suburbs to the city to scavenge for food. There are two kinds of trains: Passenger trains that carry people and freight trains which carry cargo.

4. Girl’s View From the Train

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Watching the different scenery pass you by as you read a favorite book is one of the best things about riding the rail. What book would you be reading? And here’s another question: Do you know how many miles of train tracks China had in 2017? The answer is over 99,000 miles worth!

5. Boy’s View From the Train

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Where do you think this boy is traveling to? Where is he now? What season is it? Are those trees green like in springtime or are they red and yellow because it’s the fall? Let your palette tell a story.

6. Train Engine No. 2

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There are all kinds of different trains that are built for a range of purposes and environments, including carrying passengers and cargo. Train engines, like the one above, can be powered by different energy sources such as steam, diesel, and electricity. What do you think is powering this one? Fun fact: America’s first steam locomotive lost a race to a horse! Throughout history, trains have been powered by four types of energy: Horsepower, steam, diesel, and electricity.

7. Choo Choo Train

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Who doesn’t love a choo choo train? They’re such happy locomotives, just chugging along, looking cute. This one reminds us of the train that carried Dumbo (and mama Jumbo) in the Disney classic. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln’s assassination made train travel popular? After he died, his funeral train carried his body through 180 cities, which spread the word about the railroad system. However, the first train was not created in America. In 1830, it was transported from England.

8. “All Aboard” Train

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Traveling by train is fun, and is always more fun when we do it with those we love. The characters above are enjoying every moment of their train ride. By the looks of their surroundings — the birds and the tulips — it’s a beautiful spring day too!

9. Boarding the Train

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Boarding the train is a special moment of the journey. It’s filled with excitement and anticipation. Where do you think this little one is headed? It might be somewhere cold by the looks of their outfit.

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