170+ Hilarious Trivia Team Names That Are As Witty And Smart As You

170+ Truly Brilliant Trivia Team Names For Your Next Game Night

June 15, 2020 Updated January 12, 2022


Are you crushing it on Trivia Night at your local watering hole? Sure, you’re already known for never getting a music question wrong. And your best friend has anything sports-related on lock. But, if your team name is boring, you’re missing out. A good team should win naming awards, too. It should be the kind of name that, even if the other players hate you, they can’t help but snicker when they hear it. If you’re one smart cookie, who is disappointed with her quiz time team name, we get it. The key to good team names is always in the pun. But, in the heat of the moment, it’s hard to come up with something truly unique and pithy.

Of course, once you have scored a team name, you need to make sure you’re actually prepared to kick ass on trivia night. Luckily for you, ScaryMommy has your back. Whether you need to brush up on Disney trivia or Harry Potter Trivia, we’ve got your back. Taking on a television trivia night? We have trivia for Friends, The Office, and How I Met Your Mother. If geography is your JEOPARDY downfall, we totally get it. So, we collected a ton of geography trivia, too. Sometimes, you just need some random trivia or fun facts to browse while waiting for your beer (or your coffee) or sitting on the loo. We’ve got that, too.

We’ve collected some of our favorite options so next time there’s a tournament, you can offer some useful insight for a team name — of course, you still have to talk Amy out of using “Four Non-Blondes,” again. (Insert hard eye roll.) These team names offer everything from a look into the real reason you’re there (to drink, duh) to a peek at your Harry Potter fandom. There are even some options to show off just how much you love Alex Trebek. What witty and smart name will you choose? We have about five dozen options to consider.

Trivia Team Names to Laugh About

(Just pretend like you thought of these on your own — we won’t tell.)

1. Let’s Get Trivial
2. Quizzically Challenged
3. Quizness In The Front, Party In The Back
4. Very Stable Geniuses
5. I Thought This Was Speed Dating
6. Quizzin’ Our Pants
7. No Eye Dears
8. The Spanish In-Quiz-Ition
9. Team Quizzitch
10. Alternative Facts
11. And In First Place
12. The Nation of Quizam
13. Make Trivia Great Again
14. Victorious Secret
15. Just Guessing
16. Question Heirs
17. Apple-Bottom Geniuses
18. My Trivia Partner Doesn’t Know This Is a Date
19. My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem
20. Quiz in My Pants
21. Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Because We Brought One
22. You’re a Quizard, Harry
23. The Smartest Guys in the Room
24. The Greatest Show On Stools
25. LeBron Tears.
26. Profound Confusion
27. S Team D

28. I’m Only Here to Establish an Alibi
29. The Quizzard of Oz
30. A win for us will come down to a coin flip
31. QuizTeama Aguilera
32. Superiority Complex
33. Lavish Display of Ignorance
34. Milwaukee Talkies
35. The League of Extraordinary Guessers
36. I’ll Take Potpourri for $100, Alex
37. Sherlock Homies
38. You can’t sit with us
39. Luck has nothing to do with it
40. Know Eye Deer
41. We’d rather be on Jeopardy!
42. Ithering Blidiots
43. Low Expectations
44. Not Here To Make Friends
45. Epic Failures

Pop Culture Trivia Team Names

(Because mamas know their Star Wars trivia, too, fools! And don’t even get us started on all our Harry Potter knowledge. We can drop it like it’s incendio.)

46. Let’s Get Quizzical
47. Trivia Newton John
48. John Trivialta
49. Quizteam Aguilera
50. Quiz Khalifa
51. Agatha Quizty
52. Born To Run-ner Up
53. Suck It, Trebek!
54. Trebek’s Rejects
55. Practicing For Jeopardy
56. League Of Extraordinary Guessers
57. Can We Use A Lifeline?
58. Quiz Me, Baby (One More Time)
59. Risky Quizness
60. Les Quizerables
61. On Wednesdays We Do Trivia
62. Disney Quiznesses
63. Someday My Pints Will Come
64. The Emperor’s New Crew
65. No One Mansplains Like Gaston
66. The Fellowship Of The Quiz
67. The Night Before Quizmas
68. Trivia of the Clones
69. The Phantom Trivia
70. Trivia Team Assemble
71. I Am Smartacus
72. The Quizzards Of Oz
73. The Brewsual Suspects
74. You’re A Quizzard, Harry
75. Dumbledorks
76. The Team Who Must Not Be Named
77. Dumb And Dumbledore
78. Slytherin It To Win It

The Office Trivia Team Names

79. That’s What She Said
80. World’s Best Boss
81. BOOM! Roasted!
82. Little Kid Lover
83. Kevin and the Zits
84. Death to Toby
85. You, Me and Concierge Marie
86. The Party Planning Committee
87. The Dundies
88. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
89. Schrute Farms
90. Michael Scott Paper Company

Seinfeld Trivia Team Names

91. The Rabid Anti-Dentites
92. Festivus Miracle
93. Art Vandelay
94. The Schmoopies
95. The Moops
96. Jon Voight’s Car
97. The Junior Mints
98. Yada Yada Yada
99. Little Jerry Steinfeld
100. The Lesser Babkas
101. The Trivia Show About Nothing
102. No Soup For You
104. Importer Exporter
105. Can’t Stand Ya
106. The Puffy Shirts
107. Just a Salad
108. The Double Dippers
109. Masters of Trivia Domain
110. Kramerica Industries

Trivia Team Names With a Drinking Spin

(Ain’t no laws with White Claw… even on Trivia Night. Win that free appetizer, B! And show the boys you know more about bourbon than they think they do.)

111. Smarty Pints
112. A Drinking Team With A Trivia Problem
113. Let’s Ask Whiskeypedia
114. The Smartinis
115. Menaces To Sobriety
116. Rum, Forrest, Rum
117. E=MC Hammer
118. Tequila Mockingbird
119. We’d Win If We Weren’t Drunk (But Then We Wouldn’t Be Drunk)
120. Win Or Quiz
121. Red Hot Trivia Peppers
122. Multiple Scoregasms
123. Taking Care of Quizness
124. DUI Know Nothing
125. Pabst Smears
126. Blood Sweat And Beers
127. Too Much Beer Makes Us Quizzy
128. Know It Ales
129. Three Must Get Beers

Trivia Team Names Inspired By the House of the Mouse

130. Lady and the Champ
132. When You Wish Upon a Bar
133. Walt Quizney
134. Turn Down for Walt
135. We Mermaid for Each Other
136. The Incredibles
137. The Emperor’s New Clues
138. Alice in Winnerland
139. Shark Bait Hoo Ha Ha
140. Tink’s Think Tank

Trivia Team Names Inspired By Harry Potter

141. Accio Win
142. Snapes on a Plane
143. Team Quizzitch
144. Hogwarts Runaways
145. Potterheads
146. Dumbledorks
147. You’re a Quizzard, Harry
148. Don’t You Wish Your Lumos Was Hot Like Me
149. When Harry Met Dumbledore
150. Voldemort Believe We Gonna Win
151. Muggle Mayhem
152. Wimbourne Wasps
153. Death Omens
154. Flitwick’s Nitwits
155. Nearly Brainless Nicks
156. Knights of Walpurgis
157. The Rememberalls
158. Erised’s Desire
159. Siriusly?
160. Hungry Hungry Hippogriffs
161. Patronus Legion
162. Granger Zone
163. Expecto Winno!
164. The Gringotts’ Goblins
165. That’s So Ravenclaw
166. The Deluminators
167. The Horned Serpents
168. Moaning Muggles
169. The Daily Prophets
170. Law and Auror
171. The Bludgers
172. The Whomping Willows
173. Lumos Lions
174. Determined Dracos