Talk About True Love! 17 Swoon-Worthy Valentine's Day Baby Announcement Ideas

Valentine's Day baby announcements can be as simple as a paper heart with the words 'baby loading.'
Emmanuel Lavigne/EyeEm/Getty Images

Don’t you just love Valentine’s Day? It’s like Halloween for hopeless romantics. If you’re one of those romantics who just so happened to find out recently that you’re expecting, Feb. 14 probably seems like the perfect occasion to share your heartwarming news with the world. Honestly, some people love Valentine’s Day so much that a Valentine’s Day baby announcement sounds like a good idea even months after the actual holiday (this works out exceptionally well if you’re pretty sure you conceived on Valentine’s Day).

No matter when you decide to send yours out — or post it on Instagram with a cute baby caption — you’re going to need some clever, adorable Valentine’s Day baby announcement ideas for your love-themed surprise. Whether your precious cherub was created on V-Day, will be born on V-Day, or you just really want to break the news on V-Day, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here.

Valentine’s Day Baby Announcements “Recipe”

As you’ll see below, a Valentine’s Day announcement can be as vague or as on-the-nose as you prefer. Some parents-to-be go all out with poems and candy hearts. Others prefer to just stay in the pink and red color palettes. Really, there are no wrong answers. To create your own Valentine’s Day baby announcement, though, you’ll want to capitalize on one, two, or more of these key “ingredients.”

You’ll need a dash of…

  • Red
  • Pink
  • Hearts
  • Chocolates
  • Conversation hearts
  • Heart-shaped balloons
  • Love poems

Plus a sprinkle of…

  • Sonogram
  • Onesie
  • Booties
  • “Big Brother”/”Big Sister” merch
  • Baby bump

Pick a little dash and a sprinkle and combine until you find the right combination for you. “Heart hands” around belly buttons? Always a hit. Another popular idea is any message you can write in conversation hearts, from “Expecting Something Sweet” to “V-Day Baby on the Way.” You can’t go wrong. You’re having a baby! Nothing else matters.

Valentine’s Day Baby Announcement Ideas

1. Sweetest Delivery

Who doesn’t love letter boards? They’re a super cute way to get your point across when your handwriting sucks! Mix in some hearts and that coveted sonogram, and you’re good to go.

2. Roses Are Red

You’ll see a ton of versions of the “roses are red” poem on this list and they’re all stellar. The addition of a onesie and a hint of red really help set the tone.

3. Heart Booties

It doesn’t get much more adorable than this! It’s so simple, but it totally gets the message across and stays on theme. You could include a due date or more info in your caption — or just let the people wait and see.

4. Family Photos-Turned-Announcement

The Valentine’s Day theme is subtle and chic here with just Mama’s pink dress and the festive but understated balloons. It’s just the right amount of sweet and sentimental.

5. Big Sister Recipe

You’ll need to do this messy-but-cute announcement photo session before you run out of energy. Between the touches of red and the recipe itself, this is clearly a V-Day-themed announcement.

6. Our Little Valentine

This might just be the easiest, most perfect Valentine’s Day baby announcement for a baby that won’t actually be born in February.

7. Hint, Hint

At first glance, this just looks like an ordinary family photo with a Valentine’s Day theme. Then you notice the sonogram glued to the box of chocolates and the big brother tee. It’s all in the little details here.

8. Conversation Heart Balloons

Guys. Do you even know how genius this is? You can literally get different colored heart balloons from Dollar Tree and red sticker letters anywhere. From there, it’s up to you what details you want to share on your DIY conversation hearts.

9. Love Is in the Air

Mama and Daddy’s personalities really shine through here with those matching buffalo plaid shirts and the inclusion of nature. Take their cue and make your Valentine’s Day baby announcement personal to you in some way. Love the beach? Snap a photo of your poem board and onesie in the sand!

10. Another Poem, Another Letterboard

If you swipe through, you can see a couple of takes. They’re all great! The charming tulip-laden first picture gives all the info you really need. But it’s also fun to make the moment more personal with a picture of your family looking over the moon, which is exactly what you’re given in round two.

11. Conversation Hearts With Just the Deets

This is Valentine’s Day baby announcement is definitely more V-Day themed than baby-themed, but it’s adorable all the same. Just, ya know, don’t eat the hearts after you write on them (unless you write with edible ink).

12. Special Delivery

These parents get major points for thinking just outside the box. Or inside the box? Whatever, they included a super cute Valentine’s mailbox and the originality is on point.

13. First Valentine Poem

This is so fun and so easy to pull off, y’all. The hardest part will really be the letterboard, but if you have better penmanship, you could easily replace it with a chalkboard. We also love that the “confetti” is both rose petals and diaper pins.

14. Bringing in Big Sib

A new baby can make a big sibling feel left out or jealous, but including them in the announcement can help get them pumped up about their future BFF.

15. Cute and Custom

If you have the time to plan ahead, custom engraving and monogramming can add that much more impact to your announcement. And, of course, a bouquet of flowers never hurt either!

16. Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve(s)

Taking a snapshot of you and your partner wearing funny Valentine-themed announcement shirts or sweaters could very well be the coziest way to share your news with the world.

17. The Epitome of Sweet

What’s sweeter than sharing your news with actual sweets? A fresh batch of beautiful custom cookies can clue everyone into the date your little bundle of love will join the fam.

What do you think? Ready to make the big announcement?