10 Free Valentine's Day Coloring Pages For Your Little Love

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Valentine's Day Coloring Pages
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The only thing sweeter than candy hearts on Valentine’s Day is spending time with your little hearts: your kids. And what better way to while away a few hours on this heart-shaped holiday than some arts and crafts time? Don’t worry, though, Mama — you don’t have to run out and spend a ton of money on supplies. You can just print out some free Valentine’s Day coloring pages instead. Bet that makes you feel like swooning!

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Seriously, though, we know that your heart beats for your kids, so we created 10 printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages you can download one by one or all together. You can even use them to create a coloring book for your cuties. Once you’ve shaded these adorable pages in, well, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Your little love bugs may also enjoy our coloring pages covered in unicorns, princesses, puppies, and flowers.

Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

1. Happy Valentine’s Day

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It’s practically a law of the universe that big bubble letters are way more fun than any other type of letter. And the fact that these are filled with hearts and spell out “Happy Valentine’s Day” makes them a downright blast. Take your coloring a step further. Cut out the bubble letters and stick them in a place your Valentine will see them. We love when love is in the air… literally. Did you know one in 50 travelers met their lover on the plane? But here’s an even cooler fact: Can you guess how many Valentine’s Day cards are sent out annually? More than 145 million in the United States alone. That’s a lot of love!

2. Valentine’s Day Icons

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What does Valentine’s Day mean to your child? Use this Valentine’s Day icons coloring page as an excuse to learn more about what makes your little angel’s heart flutter. Fun Fact: Did you know doves mate for life? No wonder they’re a symbol of love! And they’re not the only animals who believe in true love. Beaver, otters, wolves, seahorses, swans, black vultures, termites, and owls also spend their lives with one partner.

3. Sealed Valentine’s Note

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The only thing that could make this sealed Valentine’s note coloring page any more adorable is if you make it a two-part activity — shading in this page and then writing a Valentine’s note to send to a loved one. Did you know people tend to be attracted to people who look like them? A common feature includes ear lobe length. But here’s an even more informational factoid. Statistically, teachers get the most love (V-Day cards) on Valentine’s Day, which is most likley due of the millions of students who appreciate them. Next to educators, children, mothers, and wives, get the most cards. And speaking of cards, the tradition of card giving goes way back. In fact, Hallmark produced its first Valentine’s Day card in 1913.

4. Boy & Girl Holding Hearts

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Remember how exciting it was as a child to hand out Valentine’s cards on Valentine’s Day? Capture that nostalgia and joy with your little one when you bring this precious pair to life through color. And when it comes to falling in love, eye contact is key. Did you know it takes up to four minutes for people to decide whether they like someone? And isn’t that just the cutest? But you want to know an even cuter and furrier fact? More than 27 million American households gave their pet pups V-Day presents. Over 17 million homes got gifts for their cats. And can you guess how much money is spent on pets for Valentine’s Day each year? The answer is about $751 million.

5. Valentine’s Balloons

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There’s something about this holiday that makes you feel like you’re floating, right? Lean into those lighthearted vibes with this Valentine’s balloon coloring page. Score even more brownie points if you surprise your little one with real-life balloons once they finish filling in these.

6. More Valentine’s Day Icons

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A cupcake, “love,” a gift, and a cup of… hot cocoa? That’s our interpretation of these Valentine’s Day icons. This printable just begs to jump off the page. What do we mean? Well, can you think of a better excuse to make cupcakes and hot cocoa with your little cutie-pie? It’s destined to be a day filled with bonding and, sure, maybe even a heartwarming gift or two. It’s also a day of love. Fun fact: If a couple is together long enough, their heart beats can synchronize, and who knows? Maybe the same can happen between you and your little one.

7. Be Mine

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After your child finishes coloring on this page, we suggest having them do their best to recreate it using construction paper and other craft supplies. Then, they’ll have two “Be Mine” Valentines to hand out. (Relax, Mama… we’re sure you’ll be gifted one of them!) Fun Fact: Even Cupid had a lover. Her name was Psyche, and they both had a daughter named Voluptas.

8. Heart Box

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In the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re going to get.” Share that quote with your kiddo, and then ask them to use the extra blank space on the page to draw the types of chocolates they hope they get this year. And Mama, if you happen to get a heart-shaped box of candy from your sugar plum, don’t throw out the box. Instead, turn it into a frame that holds a heart-shaped picture of you and your valentine.

9. Another Boy & Girl Holding Hearts

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We’re not done with this theme yet — it’s making our hearts go pitter-patter! So, print out this girl and boy holding hearts and hand it to your little artist. Keep them entertained even longer by printing out double. These children are definitely too young to be thinking about marriage, but did you know that 88 percent of Americans marry for love? According to a Pew Research Center report, 28 percent of people listed financial stability as a reason to get married. Fun fact: Sweat used to be a common ingredient in perfumes and love potions.

10. Valentine’s Day

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Remember what we said about bubble letters? Prepare to have your mind blown, because they’re even more fun when artfully arranged in the shape of a heart. And on this Valentine’s Day, your heart will be bursting with love as you spend an afternoon coloring with your kids. And remember, a cuddle a day keeps the doctor away. But seriously, sneaking in some cuddles is good for your health, and increases your mood and wellbeing.

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