Grab Your Cloak And Staff! These 75+ Wizard Names Are Truly Enchanting

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Feeling a little magical? Share that magic with your new babe by bestowing upon them a wizard name. Wizard names come in all forms and fashions. They might just be cool-sounding fantasy names you find in your favorite books. Because, in some worlds, “witch” and “wizard” are used almost interchangeably, you might be interested in using a witch name. Many wizard names come from the world of Harry Potter, but not all of them. For instance, Merlin is referred to by Dumbledore and the gang, but he predates J.K. Rowling by about a few hundred years.

What’s the difference between a witch and a wizard, anyway? That depends on who you ask. Many believe that wizards are only males and that witches can be male or female. Of course, there’s also the term “warlock” which is often used to describe a male witch. Others believe that witches are born magical while wizards must do quite a bit of studying and practicing. Like priests, for instance, they devote their lives to gaining more magical knowledge. By that definition, anyone with any generic name could be a wizard… if they’ve only a big enough library. Given that logic, all you really need to justify a name as a “wizard name” is to give a name to any “magical” baby. (Pft! As if all babes aren’t magical!)

Need an example? Look no further than the aforementioned wizarding world created by Rowling. “Harry” is far from magical sounding. It’s actually German and means, “home-ruler.” However, when you slap the name on a kid like Harry Potter, it suddenly becomes magical. Same with names like Ron, Lily, or James. They were all great witches or wizards with rather ordinary names, right? With the right amount of magical upbringing, any kid with a “regular” name could turn their name into a “wizard name.”

Your other option? Pick an older, perhaps more odd-sounding name to give your baby. Are there Merlins that aren’t wizards? Probably. But, you know when you hear the name, you immediately think of the man from Camelot. In that same vein, names like Gwenivere or Gwendolyn also sound rather magical, thus making them good wizard names. The Welsh name Llywelyn is another cool name. It’s just a surname that means, “Lion-like,” but we can’t help but see a Llywelyn cloaked in mist and carrying a staff. Literally, anything with a “y” instead of an “i” has a tendency to look more magical. Sometimes it’s all in the spelling.

There is a final option for choosing a wizard name. That’s to choose a name that’s already been given to a famous wizard. For everyone’s sanity, that’s the road we’re choosing to go down today. These are some of the names of popular and well-loved wizards throughout historical literature or with magical meanings. Which one will you choose for your future Hogwarts student?

Wizard Names for Boys

Ailwyn: Elf, magical being or friend

Alatar: Thanks Albus: Latin or foreign Alfie: elf or magical counsel Ambrose: Immortal Bloise: To make glad or joyous Elvin: Noble friend Fredo: Pledge of peace Gandolf: Wand wolf Ganon/Ganondorf: Demon slayer Gwydion: Born of trees Kiano: Tools of the wizard Lucius: Brightness or to shine Maldue: Honeydew Menw Merlin: Sea fortress Pallando: Far, distance, or he who comes from afar Prospero: Fortunate Radagast: Tender of beasts Rincewind: Inquisitive or restless Saruman: Man of skill Sauron: Dread abomination

Wizard Names for Girls

Agnes: Pure or holy

Alcina: Strong willed Andromeda: Leader of men Astra: Star Beatrix/Bellatrix: Female warrior Cassandra: The one who shines and excels over men Celeste: Heavenly or celestial Circe: Bird Elsa/Elsie: God is protection or God is my oath Eris: Strife Evanora: Life Glinda: Fair Gwendolyn: Fair bow or blessed ring Hecate: Willpower or far reaching Hermione: Wellborn or stone Jadis: Magic or sorcery Locasta: Perfectionism or glamour Luna: Moon Matilda/Mathilda: Battle-mighty Morgan/Morgana: Sea chief, sea protector, sailer, or captain Theodora: Gift of God Willow: Willow tree or freedom Zatanna: Goddess of protection Zelda: Bless or happy

Genie Names

Do you know what’s just as magical as a wizard? Genies! And let’s face it, a story with a genie in it just makes it 10 times better, amirite? So if you’re looking for more fantastical names, see below.


Damush: Kidnapper or related to the number four Ghaasta: Treasurer Huabbi Kuzzad Ossam: Comes from Arabic origin, meaning lion Ruqim: Writer or recorder Shazzuasfi Yaado Zihistua Aso: Horizon Itala: This name means from Italy Khumul: Perfection or perfect Kussmoa: Derives from Indian origin and means yellow bloom Maithah: Comes from Arabic origin and means flat land or plain Meyan: Illumination Oto: Rich Shiazi: A person who is a descendant of someone from the Iranian city, Shiraz Thaissalleh Tuwi Yaithfoa Azra: Comes from Arabic origin and means maiden Gelus: Latin origins and means eager or jealous Alator: Boss, wealthy or stimulator Anwir: This Welsh baby name means liar Bora Chozbi Elladan Glandur Kek Ronda Wade

Need more wizarding inspiration? If you’re not married to the idea of a wizard name but just want something magical, we have you covered. Wizarding, witches, and Wiccans are often looked at as the same thing. Maybe a Wiccan name will work? Try dragon names or fairy names. You could even try fire names or names that mean sun. They all hold a bit of magic, no? Let’s face it: If you’re looking for a wizard name, it’s probably because (like us) you’re obsessed with Harry Potter. A look at the Harry Potter wizarding families‘ ancestry might offer more name ideas still.

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