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Andy Cohen Is Every Parent Psyching Their Kid Up For Summer Camp In Hilarious Video

Cohen’s four-year-old wouldn't let him get the last word.

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Andy Cohen shared a video on his Instagram this morning showing a hilarious conversation that he had...
Andy Cohen / Instagram

Working parents know the struggles of lining up all the activities and camps to keep kids active and entertained in the summer. With a change of routine and scenery, a kid’s demeanor can get off balance leading to some interesting conversations and behaviors, especially if that kid is a toddler. The children of celebrities, like Andy Cohen, are no different.

Cohen is known for his hilarious videos documenting his parenthood journey, which help us all feel totally seen when it comes to the exhaustion that is raising young kids.

The Bravo TV host shared a video on his Instagram Friday showing a ridiculously relatable conversation that he had with his four-year-old son, Ben, as they drove to his day camp.

As Cohen drives with Ben seemingly in the backseat, he tries to give his son a pep talk before dropping him off, reminding him of the importance of listening and participating.

“Well, you know what? You have the power to be a good boy, to be nice to everybody, and to participate today,” Cohen says.

“My calculations don't say that,” the cheeky toddler replies in that tone that makes every parent’s hair stand up.

“Well, when are you doing your calculating? When are you making these calculations? Can you make a new calculation?” Cohen asks.

When Ben informs his dad that he cannot make a new “calculation” aka will not agree to any of the asks Cohen is throwing his way, he stands firm in his own calculation despite Cohen’s continuous asking.

“This is my own calculation. Everyone has their own calculation,” Ben says.

“Well you know what my calculation is?” Cohen asks. “That you’re going to have a great day, and you're gonna be a good boy.”

Without missing a beat, Ben replies, “That's not true. My calculations don't say that.”

In one last ditch effort, Cohen asks Ben to “recalculate” to which Ben replies, “No.”

Cohen then lets out a large sigh, seemingly giving up the good fight of trying to get a four-year-old to agree with anything you say.

The What What Happens Live! host often shares his relatable parenting moments with his followers, like the time that he attempted to negotiate screen time limits with his kids or when he ranted about the sleepless nights that come after transitioning a kid to a toddler bed.

Cohen also shared a video earlier this year of Ben losing his mind over Cohen’s fatal mistake of breaking off a piece of Ben’s cookie and giving it to his little sister, Lucy.

In the video, Ben’s can be heard wailing while an exhausted Cohen tries to reason with him.

“I think it’s nice for you to share,” Cohen says. “Y’know maybe when Lucy has her cookie, she’ll share a little with you. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

However, Ben had none of it.

When Ben is out of ear shot, Cohen says to himself, “Maybe I shouldn’t have given you the cookie? Then none of this would have happened.”

Cohen captioned the video, “Welcome back from book tour, daddy!”

Cohen’s latest book — The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Upcontains even more parenting moments that will make us remember that celebrities are really just like us — parents in survival-mode trying to get our toddlers to calm the f*ck down.

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