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Team Logan Or Team Jess? Viral TikTok Has Gilmore Girls Fans Rethinking The Great Debate

One thing we all agree on: No one is Team Dean ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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TikToker Emmaline Childs has gone viral for a new perspective on the classic 'Gilmore Girls' debate:...
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For Gilmore Girls fans, nearly nothing matters more than whether you're Team Logan or Team Jess — Dean doesn't even count at this point. It's a rivalry that might be as heated as the Jets and Sharks, the Hatfields and McCoys, or even York and Tudor. The original show ended about two decades ago, and, sure, it's been years since Netflix released the oh-so-quotable Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (although we could get another installment soon). Regardless, fans of the smart, funny mother-daughter coming-of-age drama will still regularly battle it out for who the youngest of the Gilmore Girls should end up with.

In a recent TikTok that is getting renewed attention in light of rumors about more AYITL episodes, one massive fan of the series makes the case that you can technically be both Team Logan and Team Jess. And it's an interesting theory, to say the least.

As Emmaline Childs (@emmalinechilds) explains, she's "vehemently" Team Jess — to the degree that she doesn't understand how anyone could be anything but Team Jess. So, while talking to one of her firmly-Team-Logan best friends, Childs pointed out how good Jess is and asked why he should be with Rory. Her friend's response changed the way she looked at the whole debate.

"She pointed out that she completely agrees that Jess is a great guy, but he's too good for Rory. Therefore, she can't be Team Jess because Rory doesn't deserve Jess; Rory deserves Logan. I had never thought about it that way. It's so true. Jess is amazing, and Rory's the person who doesn't realize she's rich and forgets her boyfriend's name. But, seeing it through the lens of, 'We want Jess to be happy' and not subject to Rory's shenanigans makes a lot of sense."

Wait, you can actually be both Team Jess and Team Logan? For many fans, this is a true revelation. Mind = blown.

Choosing Rory's soulmate may have started before the original series ended, but things really picked up with the end of A Year in the Life. At the end of the season (*big spoiler alert*), Rory told her mother she was pregnant. Everyone speculated who might be the father of her baby: Logan? Her barely memorable new boyfriend? Jess? A Wookiee?

That, of course, intensified arguments over who Rory might finally end up should we ever get a future Stars Hollow tale. While there are several names you could toss out, only two real contenders for Rory's forever remained at the end: Logan and Jess.

If you love Jess or Milo (Ventimiglia, who plays Jess), you might be Team Jess because you want to see more of him on-screen. You want to see where his life goes. The same could be said for Logan or Matt (Czuchry). We just want more of that sweet, sweet screen time with them.

One problem, though: It doesn't factor in Rory. And if you share the same polarizing opinion I do, you probably think Rory kind of sucks (sorry, not sorry?). She's flaky, a bit of a brat, morally ambiguous in relationships, can come off as ungrateful, and just can't seem to get her life together (although, *same*).

So, if you're Team Jess, do you really want the one guy who has struggled, hustled, and proven himself to be a gem among men to get saddled with all of that?

Besides, Logan isn't exactly a consolation prize. He's cute, clever, and has a ton of game. He's also just as wealthy and oblivious as Rory. They're better suited to handle each other's "woe is me" acts from whatever penthouse they're occupying that week. All said, you can like Jess and want to see more of him without ignoring the signs that Rory should be with Logan.

Not everyone agrees, though.

Team Logan

"Respectfully, I feel like Team Jess people forget every single thing about Jess except that 'why did you drop out of Yale' scene, lol," wrote @stephanierhea_.

"Nobody remembers why Dean and Jess were fighting at that party?" questioned @bebemasaguapendeja. "I'm not team Dean, either. But def not team Jess."

"Jess during the rival maybe, but def Logan during the original. Do you Jess people forget that he dumped Rory by going to CA without telling her??" commented @beeguard27.

Team Jess

"I saw somewhere that Logan is Rory's Christopher and Jess is her Luke, and looking at it that way makes so much sense," wrote @llmiles87.

"I told someone recently that I'm Team Jess, but not Team Rory," commented @bookishlymel.

"Being team Jess is the correct team," wrote @laurawells32.

Team Literally Anyone Else

She might not end up with any of them, and that's what many commenters reminded each other. It seems fair to assume she's carrying Logan's kid. From tracking her dalliances to analyzing the conversation she has with her father, it feels obvious she knows Logan is the father.

By the end of AYITL, Rory's life looks a lot like her mother's used to look. While many, many fans were Team Chris during the original run, Lorelai ended up with Luke — someone who wasn't from her youth or childhood. If Rory's life imitates her mom's, you might want to factor in some more flings with Logan and Jess, but expect her forever to come from someone new.

Perhaps commenter @laurenlangy said it best: "Matt C got it right and said each guy came along at the right time for her, so Team Everyone."

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