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Ryan Gosling Just Released A Holiday Version Of 'I'm Just Ken'

No one knew we needed this, but it turns out we did.

Ryan Gosling is back with a holiday version of "I'm Just Ken" and we are here for it.
YouTube/Atlantic Records

The Barbie movie just started streaming at home, and now there is even more wonderful news from Greta Gerwig’s smash hit starring everyone’s favorite doll. On Wednesday, Atlantic Records dropped a new holiday version of the film’s hit song, “I’m Just Ken,” called “I’m Just Ken (Merry Kristmas Barbie)” and we didn’t know we needed it, but we definitely, definitely needed it.

In the video, we see Ken himself, known better as Ryan Gosling, talking with music producer Mark Ronson about the track as everyone gets ready to record. They go over their approach to the new version of the song in a room filled with Christmas lights, lots of musicians, and a whole lot of holiday flair. Ronson is carrying a giant candy cane for some reason and Gosling has a Santa mug — and there’s a Santa hat here and there.

Before they start, Gosling puts on some sunglasses to finish off his look. “Let me get in character. Because the world can have Ken’s voice, but only Barbie can have his eyes.”

We need so much of this Kenergy right now!

The song is sung pretty traditionally, but there’s an added string section and, of course, some jingle bells. And at the end, Ken adds a tortured, “Merry Christmas, Barbie, wherever you are,” to finish off everything with a big, red holiday bow.

This is better than the time the world got to see the behind-the-scenes video of Gosling filming the “I’m Just Ken” scene for the movie.

The music video was released at the same time as The Ken EP, what appears to be a digital-only release of four tracks of the Grammy-nominated song, including the Kristmas version, an “In My Feelings” acoustic version, and a “Purple Disco Machine” dance remix.

Over on Instagram, Ronson posted a clip of the song and gushed about working with Gosling both on the set and on the holiday version of the song. Apparently, the idea was just a thought that Robson had in November, but Gosling was totally on board despite the tight timeline.

“I told him i fantasized about us performing the song live, so we started to dream what that might sound like,” Ronson wrote on Instagram. “I was also dying to show the song in a different context — he demanded i go ‘Full Ronson’ with the arrangement (which I took to mean 2007 motown/wall of sound-obsessed me). Anyway, I sent this version to him last Tues and he dug it & it sounded so f***ing xmas that we were like, ‘man, can we get this out in a week?!’ ... So he rerecorded the vocals and here we are, a week later serving up this version that we love with about 5 days til no one wants to hear a xmas record, but sometimes u have to do it 4 fun (& maybe a little for Barbie).”

Merry Kristmas to all!

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