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Mira Sorvino Dances To “Time After Time” In A Romy And Michele Throwback On Dancing With the Stars

Her daughter also joined her for the touching dance.

Mira Sorvino danced an epic throwback dance honoring her 1997 cult classic film, 'Romy and Michele's...
ABC / YouTube

Legendary ’90s icon and Oscar-winning actor Mira Sorvino gave a tear-jerking and nostalgia-filled performance on what turned out to be her last night while competing on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

Sorvino danced an epic throwback dance honoring her 1997 cult classic film, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion alongside her dance partner Gleb Savchenko.

The contemporary dance, set to “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper, also included Sorvino’s daughter, Mattea, who happens to be a professional dancer. With Mattea also out on the ballroom floor, the performance became a three-person dance, just as it is in the movie.

Fans of Romy and Michele know that “Time After Time” is the soundtrack to one of, if not the most, memorable moments in the movie when Romy (Sorvino), Michele (Lisa Kudrow), and high school nerd-turned-billionaire Sandy Frick (Alan Cumming) perform a hilariously odd interpretive dance at their 10-year high school reunion.

When Sandy asks Michele to dance, she replies, “As long as Romy can dance with us.”

Savchenko made sure the choreography included some of moves from the original film’s dance in homage to the movie, including curving around each other’s body and crossing their arms across their chest.

The night of the “Time After Time” dance focused on each contestant’s “Most Memorable Year,” and Sorvino chose 2004 because it was the year her daughter was born.

“That year we had our incredible wonderful daughter,” she explained. “Being a mother is my most cherished role. My family is my joy. They are my everything.”

Sorvino’s daughter is now a professional dancer at a contemporary dance company.

The actress also gave a slight nod to one of her most iconic films, Romy and Michele, without specifically calling it out.

“This song is associated with a really wonderful time in my career,” she noted. “It’s the perfect song to do a three-person dance. This song already means so much to me, and now, I get to create this incredible memory with my daughter Mattea.”

While Sorvino scored her highest numbers in the competition so far, it wasn’t enough to keep her from ultimately being eliminated.

While Sorvino is off DWTS, this might not be the last we see of her killer dance moves. Prior to the strike, Sorvino hinted that they were getting “closer than ever” to a potential Romy and Michele sequel.

“There’s nothing official to report but I can unofficially hint that we’re closer than we’ve ever been to getting something to happen,” Sorvino said. “And now I’m like, ‘Okay. Okay. We’re getting closer.’ I can’t say anything, but something might be in the works.”