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20+ Family-Friendly Movies & Shows Coming To Netflix In February

Celebrate Black History Month with a slew of uplifting and exciting picks.

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Yvette Nicole Brown as KRS, Jecobi Swain as Sean, Laz Alonso as Sabo Brok and Priah Ferguson as Lisa...

Netflix is at it again. This February, the streamer continues its mission to bring new, quality family entertainment to homes across the globe. From several kid-approved and critically acclaimed animated series to family-friendly movies, shows, and documentaries, Netflix has something for everyone in the fam. Perfect timing! Let's face it; after the Bengals win the Super Bowl, there won't be a whole lot happening in life on- or off-screen for the rest of February. When you're ready for some family time but don't want to face a blizzard for a little fun, Netflix clearly has you covered.

Even more exciting: Netflix is celebrating Black History Month. Film and TV makers are finally catching on to what most of the world has desperately longed for: entertainment from people who look like the viewers. Netflix already did it once with their hefty Spanish-language collection. February's releases reflect the national celebration of Black History Month, bringing engaging, family-friendly content led by Black characters. Netflix has even expanded and highlighted its Black Stories for Families collection, where you can find new and nostalgic shows and movies that highlight and amplify Black voices.

Ready to add a bunch of stuff to your family's queue? Keep reading to see what's headed your way.

What’s New on Netflix in February? The Highlight Reel

African Queens: Njinga — Feb. 15

This historical documentary isn’t some Ken Burns documentary of pictures set over dramatic music. African Queens is a full dramatization of African history. It traces the rise and fall of Angola’s 17th-century Queen Njinga. Expect tons of drama thanks to major political strife, as well as personal, familial betrayal. The documentary is written by Kenyan-born Peres Owino and produced by none other than Jada Pinkett Smith.

Bill Russell: Legend — Feb. 8

Bill Russell would be a legend if all he ever did was “shut up and play ball.” Called “The Secretary of Defense” and “Mr. Eleven Rings,” he led every team he played on to championship victories and made a giant impact on professional basketball during his career, roughly 13 years of which was played for the Boston Celtics. During all of his balling years, however, Russell also stood up to the racism happening in America, rubbed elbows with Civil Rights icons, and even became one himself. He’s often considered one of the greatest professional basketball players ever... but he was much, much more.

Freeridge, Season 1 — Feb. 2

As if life wasn’t hard enough. This On My Block spin-off follows four teens as they work to reverse a curse that’s bringing all kinds of bad luck to their lives. This one’s best suited for teens (and adults); it has a TV-14 rating for some violence, sexual references and innuendo, and strong language.

My Dad The Bounty Hunter, Season 1 — Feb. 9

This animated series offers a little something for everyone. When siblings Lisa and Sean stow away in their dad’s trunk, all they’re looking for is some quality time with their hardworking dad. What they discover, instead, is that their dad is an alien bounty hunter. Parents will find Dad’s complicated relationship with work and family relatable. Both big and little siblings will find something to relate to between Sean and Lisa. And anyone who loves films like Men in Black, Star Wars, or The Incredibles will love the action-packed, space-set family adventure that catapults Sean, Lisa, and their dad across the galaxy and straight into the arms of danger.

That Girl Lay Lay, Season 2 — Coming Soon

When Sadie’s avatar, Lay Lay, magically comes to life right out of her phone, Sadie’s life takes a dramatic turn. Lay Lay is a hype girl and her mission in “life” is to hype up Sadie personally and socially. Lay Lay is like the wild, super extra “wing man” every leading lady needs. Season 2 already aired on Nick, but it’s coming to Netflix soon. If you haven’t watched Season 1, now is the time!

More Family Movies & Shows Coming to Netflix

  • Baking Show: The Professionals, Season 1 — Feb. 1
  • Gunther’s Millions, Limited Series — Feb. 1
  • Flushed Away (2006) — Feb. 1
  • I Will Be Your Bloom, Season 1 — Feb. 1
  • La La Land (2016) — Feb. 1
  • Survivor, Season 32 — Feb. 1
  • True Spirit — Feb. 3
  • Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, Season 2 — Feb. 3
  • Lyle, Lyle Crocodile (2022) — Feb. 4
  • The Upshaws, Part 3 — Feb. 16
  • Outer Banks, Season 3 — Feb. 23
  • Oddballs, Season 2 — Feb. 24
  • Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, Part 2 — Feb. 24
  • We Have a Ghost — Feb. 24

If you’re looking for even more ways to honor Black History Month while your family gets your binge-watch on, NAACP recently announced movies and shows up for Image Awards. That makes these Netflix nominees must-watch picks: Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, Wendell & Wild, Family Reunion, Raising Dion, Waffles + Mochi’s Restaurant, and Karma’s World.

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