80+ 'Friends' Trivia Questions That Will Stump Even The Biggest Fan

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First test: What happens when you see or hear *clap-clap-clap-clap*? If it doesn’t immediately trigger R.E.M.’s “I’ll Be There For You,” you’re probably not a massive Friends fan. The song is as iconic as Rachel’s haircut. (Though, why Gunther’s ‘do never caught on is beyond reason!)

Now that Friends is on HBOMax, there’s zero excuse for not filling every waking second with the antics from those six wild and wacky friends. Monica, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe have been off our screens since 2004, but are still pop culture icons for today’s generation.

From the moment the show’s pilot aired, people began picking favorites and shipping certain characters. It may not have been called “shipping” back then, but we were all rooting for Mon and Chandler from the very beginning, right? Could there be a cuter couple? This set of Friends trivia is made for fans old and new, fair-weather or truly obsessed. How well can you do? Let’s find out!

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1. What instrument does Phoebe play?

The guitar

2. Which of Phoebe’s songs gets turned into a music video?

“Smelly Cat”

3. Who is Phoebe’s twin?


4. What is Phoebe’s birth mother’s name?


5. What is Phoebe’s little brother’s name?

Frank Jr.

6. What does Phoebe find in a can of pop?

A thumb

7. What’s the name of the comic book Phoebe steals from Ross?

Science Boy

8. What does Phoebe do for a living?

She’s a masseuse

9. What language does Phoebe try to teach Joey?


10. Phoebe describes Ross and Rachel as being each others’…


11. What is Chandler’s middle name?


12. What’s the game Chandler makes up to give Joey money?


13. Who’s girlfriend does Chander accidentally fall for?


14. What does Chandler’s dad do for a living?

He’s a drag queen in Vegas.

15. What does Rachel say is Chandler’s job?


16. How does Chandler accidentally agree to move to Tulsa?

He falls asleep during a meeting

17. Which of Joey’s sisters does Chandler hook up with?

Mary Angela

18. Which of Rachel’s bosses does Chandler date?

Her boss at Bloomingdales

19. Where does Chandler first hook up with Monica?

At Ross’ wedding in London

20. In an effort to get out of a relationship, where does Chandler say he’s moving?


21. Which two friends were friends in high school?

Rachel and Monica

22. Who was in the “I Hate Rachel Green Club?”

Ross and Will

23. Who does Rachel break up with in the first episode?


24. What was Rachel’s childhood dog’s name?


25. What is Rachel most afraid of?


26. What’s the name of Rachel’s assistant, who she ends up dating?


27. Ross and Rachel buy the same tables from what store?

Pottery Barn

28. What move does Rachel claim is her favorite?

Dangerous Liaisons

29. What movie is actually Rachel’s favorite?

Weekend at Bernie’s

30. How many pages was Rachel’s letter to Ross?

18 pages, front and back

31. Joey doesn’t share…


32. What is Joey’s profession?


32. What is Joey’s fake name?

Ken Adams

33. How many sisters does Joey have?


34. What’s Joey’s agent’s name?


35. What was Joey’s childhood imaginary friend’s name?


36. How is Joey’s character killed off on Days of Our Lives?

He falls down an elevator shaft.

37. What does Joey sleep?

A stuffed penguin

38. What does Joey do when his fridge breaks?

He eats all the food

39. Joey can do what in under 10 seconds?

Drink a gallon of milk

40. What was the name of the dancer Joey lived with?


41. When Monica categorizes her towels, how many categories are there?


42. What is Monica’s biggest pet peeve?

Animals dressed as humans

43. How did Monica meet Richard?

He was friends with her parents

44. What does Richard do for a living?

He’s an eye doctor

45. Who was Monica’s first kiss?


46. What’s in Monica’s secret closet?


47. What’s the name of Monica’s millionaire boyfriend?


48. Who pees on Monica when she’s stung by a jellyfish?


49. How old was Monica when she learned to tell time?


50. Monica walks in on Monica and Chandler having sex. Where are they?

The hospital

51. Ross gets suspended from the museum because of anger management issues. Why was he angry?

Someone ate his sandwich.

52. Who got mugged when they were younger?


53. What does Ross do for a living?

He’s a paleontologist

54. What does Ross dress up as to entertain Ben?

A holiday armadillo

55. Who was best friends with Ross during college?


56. What happens when Ross puts on leather pants?

He gets stuck

57. Who is Ross’ fantasy/dream girl?

Princess Leia

58. What’s the name of Ross’ first wife?


59. What name does Ross say during one of his weddings?


60. Ross’s most memorable line comes when he helps move a couch. What does he say?


61. How many times has Ross been married?


62. What do they call their neighbor whom they watch through a window?

Ugly Naked Guy

63. What started the fire in the girls’ apartment?

Rachel’s Hair Straightener

64. What did Joey name his Barcalounger?


65. Which season was the only one without a Thanksgiving episode?

Season 2

66. Friends was originally slated to be called what?

Insomnia Café

67. Chandler says his last name is Gaelic and means what?

“Thy turkey’s done”

68. How many total episodes of Friends are there?


69. What color was the ottoman in Monica’s apartment?


70. When Julia Roberts guest starred on the show, she played a hair and makeup artist who dated Chandler. What was her character’s name?

Susie Moss

71. Which Sprouse twin starred on the show as Ross’ son, Ben?

Cole Sprouse

72. Who was Ben’s mom?

Ross’ ex-wife, Carol

73. How many sisters does Joey Tribbiani have?


74. How many categories of towels does Monica have?


75. What is the question that loses Monica and Rachel their apartment?

“What is Chandler’s job?”

76. Chandler receives a magazine from TV Guide but it’s addressed to the wrong name. What’s the name?

Miss Chanandler Bong

77. Joey gets his job back on TV in what role?

As a brain transplant in Jessica Lockhart (Susan Sarandon’s) body.

78. Why doesn’t Phoebe attend Ross’ wedding in London?

She’s heavily pregnant with triplets.

79. What top designer does Rachel get a job with?

Ralph Lauren.

80. What large department store does Rachel work for after Central Perk?


81. What is the name of Ross and Rachel’s baby?


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