70 Funny Team Names To Make Trivia Night And Sports Even More Fun

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Funny team names
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So, you’ve joined the office softball league or ended up on a 3-on-3 basketball team for the league at the Y. Maybe you’re just playing fantasy football for the first time. Whatever the occasion, throughout your life you’ll find yourself tasked with coming up with a funny team name. Combining initials or naming yourself after the local sports team? Lame. You want something fun and semi-original, right?

The names below are pretty funny and most are inspired by pop culture. However, did you know that there are some pretty weird team names already licensed? One wildly inappropriate (and super immature) option? Idaho’s own Butte Pirates. In Michigan, there is a team called the Watersmeet Nimrods. Sure, one could argue that in Biblical times a “nimrod” was a hunter. Except, ya know, we don’t live in Biblical times anymore. It is almost as odd as the Flint Tropics. (“Everybody love everybody!”) Our absolute favorite odd team name, though, is the Dunbar Poets. Will they win? Probably not. Will they lose valiantly? Also, probably not. But, will they write enthralling epics about their athletic misadventures? Duh. There is a whole world of wildly weird and inappropriate names out there. From the “Purple Pounders” (huh?!) to the “Beaver Dusters.” While we do not recommend you use any of those names, we do have some other equally hilarious suggestions.

These are some of the funniest and best team names out there. But, warning: Most of these aren’t kid-appropriate or adults only so they’ll just go over their heads.


1. Hoops! I Did It, Again

2. 99 Problems But A Swish Ain’t One 3. Block It Like It’s Hot 4. Nothin’ But Networking 5. Drilling Me Softly 6. Alley-Oops


7. Sons of Pitches

8. Bat Attitudes 9. Between A Walk And A Hard Place 10. No Hit Sherlock 11. Here Comes The Run 12. Pitch Please 13. Brokebat Mountain 14. Life’s A Pitch 15. No harm, probably fouls


16. Pin Pals

17. Free Range Chick-pins 18. Pinheads 19. Spare Me 20. Obviously Not Golfers 21. Can’t Believe It’s Not Gutter 22. Nacho Average Bowling Team 23. Straight Off The Couch 24. Balls of Thunder

Flag/Touch Football/Soccer/Volleyball

25. Untouchables

26. Ball of Duty

27. Back That Pass Up

28. Mission Unblockable

29. Goal Diggers

30. Loose Ends

31. No Punt Intended

32. How I Set Your Mother

33. Abusement Park

34. First And Download

35. Pop-up Blockers

Funny Team Names For Running Groups

36. Run Like The Winded

37. Baby Got Track

38. Agony of De Feet

39. Chafing The Dream

40. Gone With The Win

41. Get ‘Er Run

42. We Got The Runs

43. Your Pace Or Mine?

44. Twisted Blisters

45. Running On Empty

46. Are We There Yet?

Perfect For Any Sport or Team

47. We Who Shall Not Be Named

48. Blood Bath and Beyond

49. Gentlemen Prefer Eagles (For Golf)

50. Ability Meets No Effort

51. Mediocrity At It’s Best

52. Won Directions

53. Sweep The Leg

54. We’re No Ladies, We’re Ducks

55. It’s An Inception

56. Blue Steel

57. Win Diesel

58. Savage And Average

59. This One’s For Rudy

60. Small Potatoes Make The Meat Look Bigger

61. Run Forest Run

62. Quiz In My Pants

63. Trivia Team Assemble

64. Hi, We’re Here For The Speed Dating

65. Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

66. I’m Just Here For The Beers

67. Alex Trebek Was Here

68. I’d Like To Phone A Friend

69. Are You Smarter Than A Preschooler?

70. I Am Trivia Man

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