35 Hawaiian Last Names With Meanings And Origin

35 Hawaiian Last Names That’ll Make You Connect With Your Ohana

February 7, 2020 Updated July 30, 2021

hawaiian last names

Last names provide a great connection to our family’s past. When it comes to Hawaii, natives initially didn’t have last names. Western colonization required everyone to have one following their first name. As a result, many given names of both Hawaiian and Japanese origin were converted to a family surname. Some Hawaiians have English, Japanese, Chinese or Korean surnames. Other Hawaiian last names serve as translations of names from western languages.

Hawaiian values are rooted in taking each day at a time. They also have a deep respect for a person’s humility. It is considered a valuable trait, and unlike most cultures, it holds more worth than someone’s class or financial status. So when someone flaunts expensive clothes or their connections, it is viewed as pride. Hawaiians are so chill it’s uncommon to use your car horn. Unless you’re honking hello to a buddy on the road, it’s not a usual noise heard in the streets. Apart from being a beautiful travel destination, it’s an island filled with a unique blend of different cultures. It is also a culture that appreciates its legends. Storytellers are important because they help keep those stories alive, chart history, beliefs, and facts, which are passed down to future generations. 

So if you’re interested in Hawaiian culture, say aloha to our list of 25 Hawaiian last names (along with their meanings and origins). As beautiful as the islands themselves, these names showcase Hawaii’s diverse culture. Take a look and see if you recognize any.

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Hawaiian Sayings

When you think of beautiful places, Hawaii is usually one of the first places that come to mind. It’s an island filled with fascinating charm and even better phrases about love and life. If you’re in search of some wisdom, look no further! These Hawaiian phrases are the perfect guide. 

These ono grinds are broke da mout.
This food is so delicious it broke my mouth.

E Hoomau Maua Kealoha.
May our love last forever.

Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No.
I give my love to you, you give your love to me.

`A`ohe loa i ka hana a ke aloha.
Distance is ignored by love.

Ua ola loko i ke aloha.
Love gives life within.

Aloha kaua.
May there be love between us.

Ua ola no i ka pane a ke aloha.
There is life in a kindly reply. 

  1. Palakiko
    Origin/Meaning: The Hawaiian version of the English name Francis; the Spanish or Portuguese name for Francisco.
  2. Kekoa
    Origin/Meaning: Refers to a Koa tree or “the warrior.”
  3. ʻAkamu
    Origin/Meaning: The Hawaiian version of the biblical name Adam.
  4. Kahale
    Origin/Meaning: “The house.”
  5. Iona
    Origin/Meaning: The Hawaiian version of the biblical name Jonah.
  6. Māhoe
    Origin/Meaning: “Twin.”
  7. Kalawaiʻa
    Origin/Meaning: “The fisherman.”
  8. Mahiʻai
    Origin/Meaning: “Farmer.”
  9. Kameāloha
    Origin/Meaning: “The beloved one.”
  10. Nakamura
    Origin/Meaning: A Japanese surname meaning “middle village.”
  11. Kelekolio
    Origin/Meaning: The Hawaiian version of the English name Gregory.
  12. ʻŌpūnui
    Origin/Meaning: “Big-bellied.”

    Hawaiian last names
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  13. Keliʻi
    Origin/Meaning: “The chief.”
  14. Akana
    Origin/Meaning: A Japanese given name from the Kanjis that means “bright” or “play the music.”
  15. Kahananui
    Origin/Meaning: “The great work.”
  16. Mahelona
    Origin/Meaning: The Hawaiian version of the biblical name Mahlon.
  17. Kaʻuhane
    Origin/Meaning: “The soul or spirit.”
  18. Wong
    Origin/Meaning: A Cantonese surname meaning “king.”
  19. Kapule
    Origin/Meaning: “The prayer or magic.”
  20. ʻAukai
    Origin/Meaning: “Seafarer.”
  21. Kahue
    Origin/Meaning: “The gourd.”
  22. Akina
    Origin/Meaning: A Japanese given name from the Kanjis that means “bright,” “autumn,” “greens,” “name,” and “south.”
  23. Lee
    Origin/Meaning: The Korean variation of the Chinese surname Li, meaning “plum” or “plum tree.”
  24. Iosua
    Origin/Meaning: The Hawaiian version of the biblical name “Joshua.”
  25. Kāne
    Origin/Meaning: “The god of creation.”
  26. Kealoha
    Origin/Meaning: “The love.”
  27. Kama
    Origin/Meaning: “Child.”
  28. Alana
    Meaning: “Awakening.”
  29. Kalama
    Meaning: “The torch.”
  30. Kalua
    Meaning: “Second one” or “companion.”
  31. Kamaka
    Meaning: “The eye,” “bud,” or “child.”
  32. Keahi
    Origin/Meaning: “The fire.”
  33. Kalani
    Origin/Meaning: “The heavens” or “sky.”
  34. Keawe
    Origin/Meaning: “The twisted string.”
  35. Kalili
    Origin/Meaning: An endemic Hawaiian violet.