The 10 Best Waterproof Couch Covers That Protect Your Sofa From Any Mess That Comes Its Way

Fear no spill.

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When you have kids, pets, or a love for red wine — a waterproof couch cover is essential to keeping things spick and span. You know that frustrating feeling when you spill something on furniture and there’s no going back? The stain is just a part of the family now. Whether it’s kids who love to drink their orange juice on the couch or pets that track their muddy paws everywhere, sofas are always vulnerable. The easier route to take (especially for busy households) is having one of the best waterproof couch covers.

If you’re worried about covering up a couch you love, rest assured that couch covers these days are way more appealing than they were back in the day. No uncomfortably hot plastic over here! Plus, there are plenty of waterproof couch covers on the market that are similar to blankets that you’d toss on when you need them and throw back in the closet when you don’t. See — so many options.

Check out a variety of waterproof couch covers ahead and finally protect your furniture from inevitable mess once and for all. To be honest, we’re still trying to figure out how people with all-white couches manage their stress.

1. This Waterproof Couch Cover Available In Over 10 Colors

This Easy-Going waterproof couch cover comes in more than 15 different colors and four different sizes to suit your couch and your home. The stretchy fabric has a waterproof treatment on the outside with a waterproof coating on the other side for extra protection against spills. It’s easy enough to slip on your couch, and if you have excess fabric, you just tuck it into the seams.

Helpful Review: “This is great. Fits snugly to furniture! Doesn’t move around when kids play floor is lava and pets jump all over the place. My furniture stays clean. Easy to put on/take off. Washes and dries easily. Love it!!”

Available Sizes: 4 | Available Colors: 16

2. An Extra-Long Couch Cover In A Soft, Textured Fabric

These couch covers come in 17 colors and three sizes, so it’s super accommodating for whatever your home needs. It’s made of a super stretchy, textured jacquard fabric that slips right onto your couch and protects it from spills, pets, kids, and everything else that usually tries to attack your furniture. It’s also easy to clean. Simply toss it in the washer and dryer and you’re all set.

Helpful Review: “We have some very old leather couches in our kids living room that we used these for to keep them warmer during the winter months. They work perfect and look stylish.”

Available Sizes: 3 | Available Colors: 17

3. This Affordable Couch Cover With An Elastic Hem For A Secure Fit

It’s easier than ever to give your couch a whole new life with this Granbest water-repellent sofa cover, available in 12 colors and four sizes. This cover is great to protect your furniture against spills and rambunctious kids, as it comes with an elastic hem to fit your sofa just right. And Amazon reviewers love it — to date, it’s earned more than 11,000 ratings.

Helpful Review: “Bought another set for a bigger couch we have and will be purchasing different colors to change up the colors when we want. All covers will slip, but this one clings and our kids are constantly shifting around and jumping on our couches. Simple on and off, wash and dry, use and re-use!”

Available Sizes: 4 | Available Colors: 12

4. An Anti-Slip Quilted Sofa Slipcover

This water-resistant sofa slipcover from Easy-Going is an Amazon best-seller, with almost 100,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating overall. We love that it’s reversible, so you’re really getting two couch covers in one. It comes in several couch and chair lengths to accommodate even oversized sofas and it comes in a ton of colors to match any decor. To top it off, this couch cover has anti-slip technology to keep it from moving around while you’re sitting on it. *Adds to cart immediately*

Helpful Review: “This makes a nice protective cover against the regular dirt and wear caused by kids and dogs. I like that I can still see some of my pretty couch and chair fabric. Easy machine wash and dry. Stays in place relatively well, especially with the foam rollers included.”

Available Sizes: 4 | Available Colors: 30+

5. This Fully Waterproof Sofa Slipcover That’s Pet-Proof

This 100% waterproof sofa protector cover has a sturdy, non-slip backing to keep things in place and to ensure spills and liquids can’t (and won’t) reach your furniture. Available in seven sizes and eight colors, this slip cover makes it easy to quickly add a layer of protection for unexpected guests (MILs, kids, the usual). Amazon reviewers say it’s perfect for homes with pets.

Helpful Review: “This has wonderful backside that does not let spills seep thru. I have a pet who has accidents as she is older. It just fits nicely over sofa and washes well. If I ever need to replace it I would buy this one again.”

Available Sizes: 7 | Available Colors: 8

6. This L-Shaped Sectional Sofa Slipcover

If you’re in need of a waterproof cover for your L-shaped sofa, this reversible one from Easy-Going is a favorite among Amazon customers. It comes in over 20 colors and five different sizes. It’s made of thick, quilted, waterproof microfiber and is super easy to clean and holds up to kid and pet messes.

Helpful Review: “Over this weekend soda was spilled onto this cover and but couch did not suffer any damage. Will definitely recommend for kids and dogs. I have a German Shepard and a 7 year old. And this helps to protect my couch. Also easy to wash.”

Available Sizes: 5 | Available Colors: 21

7. This Soft Brushed Microfiber Sofa Slipcover

The SunStyle Home waterproof sofa cover has a super-soft feels thanks to the brushed microfiber. It can fit any number of pieces of furniture in your home. Designed for chairs, love seats, or couches, this cover simply rests on top of your furniture to protect it. If you want something that’s easy to take on and off, this is a great option because there’s no tucking or pulling needed for a perfect fit.

Helpful Review: “This came with foam inserts for the space between the arm and the seat cushions! This keep it from shifting around so it stays looking more like a good slipcover than a just a protector.”

Available Sizes: 2 | Available Colors: 15

8. A Quilted Sofa Slipcover With 5 Layers Of Protection

This 100% waterproof couch cover by Turquoize promises to be fully leakproof thanks to its five-layer design. It comes in three different couch lengths and there’s an armchair option, too. The machine-washable cover is available in eight colors and slips on easily. When you’re done, you can simply fold it up and tuck it away. It’s a perfect option for when your kids have friends over or if you’re pet-sitting!

Helpful Review: “This couch cover is ideal for protecting your furniture from your pets or kids. The material is durable and will hold up. It took less than 3 minutes to put on. The strap connects to the side of the cover and goes around the back and connects to the other side to prevent it from slipping.”

Available Sizes: 4 | Available Colors: 8

9. A Luxe Suede Sofa Slipcover

This sofa furniture cover is both waterproof and breathable, which is saying a lot, considering it’s suede. The luxurious-feeling cover will not only protect your couch from spills and damage, but it’ll also dress it up in the process. It’s available in four sizes and five colors so you have plenty to choose from.

Helpful Review: “I have been looking for a cover that also felt nice and soft. I’m usually an all cotton type person so wasn’t sure about suede. I found this cover to have a natural feel, more like a brushed cotton. It’s thick enough to not wrinkle and has a nice stick to the sofa.”

Available Sizes: 4 | Available Colors: 5

10. A Thick Couch Slip Cover With A Cult Following

The Ameritex Couch Slipcover is waterproof, nonslip, and quilted — three things shoppers seem to love. It’s earned more than 5,000 ratings on Amazon (and counting). It comes in four lengths and ten colors and is especially targeted for leather sofas. The water-resistant front and back both protect from the elements — and by that, we mean kids and pets. Plus, Amazon reviewers love how easy it is to just throw on the couch when you need it.

Helpful Review: “The best cover I have ever seen! Grips fantastic does not slide on couch. Very thick and sturdy.”

Available Sizes: 4 | Available Colors: 10

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