10 Printable Mermaid Coloring Pages Perfect For Sea-zing The Day

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Raise your hand if you spent roughly half of your time growing up wishing that you were a mermaid. Yep, us too. Every time we dove into a swimming pool (or basically any other body of water), we just imagined we had a shimmery scaled tail just like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Alas, that never happened for us — although, just between you and us, we haven’t given up hope yet! But in the absence of actually becoming these mythical creatures, we did the next best thing: create a bunch of mermaid coloring pages. And they’re free, to boot. Is that the magic of mermaids at work, or what?

If you’re anything like us, though, you might just make your way through these super-fast and need even more fun ways to entertain the tiny artists in your house. In that case, we suggest you swim on over to our coloring pages filled with dogs, dragons, cupcakes, and cars.

Free Mermaid Coloring Pages

1. Mermaid and Fish Friend

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C’mon, this reminds us all of Ariel and Flounder, right? If your kiddo hasn’t already seen that Disney classic, well, this is the perfect excuse for an under-the-sea-themed family movie night. Did you know that during medieval times, people believed mermaids were just as real as dolphins? Their existence wasn’t a mystery or even questioned. People saw them as legitimate aquatic creatures. The first mermaid recording was found in Syria in 1000 BC. The woman was called Atargatis. Some people believe mermaids are actually the missing link!

2. Princess Mermaid No. 1

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If you ask us, one of the coolest parts of coloring mermaid pages is coming up with fantastical mermaid names for them. This one’s a princess, so what would you call her mermaid majesty? Personally, we’re partial to the name Aquata. Legend has it, Alexander the Great’s sister Thessalonike, was turned into a mermaid after his death. After Alexander died, she tried to take her own life. Instead, she was transformed into a mermaid! And speaking of explorers, Edward Teach aka Blackbeard wasn’t too fond of mermaids. Although he was one of the most dangerous pirates of the sea, in one of his logbooks, he made a note to stay away from an area he believed mermaids lived.

3. Princess Mermaid No. 2

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This princess mermaid has her own little royal posse consisting of a fish and a crab. She also seems to be an exceptionally fashionable mermaid, given her sea-star earrings and her frilly skirt. But don’t let her cuteness fool you! Mermaids also carry weapons made from whalebone, coral, sharp shells, octopus, and shark teeth. P. T. Barnum, founder of the Barnum and Bailey circus, was known for his wild attractions. The feejee mermaid was one of his hoaxes. It was a dried monkey sewn to the tail of a fish, which created a buzz in New York in the 1840s.

4. Coral Mermaid

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This coloring page affords you a fun opportunity to teach your child about some elements of the sea. In addition to the beautiful mermaid, we see several branches of coral. Are they black? Green? Red? Once you’ve discussed coral, tell your little one about oysters and how they form pearls.

5. Mermaid and Treasure

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Ooh, this should be a blast! This mermaid has managed to stumble upon a treasure chest — but what’s inside of it? Ask your little one to use a separate piece of paper to draw things they think the chest might hold, whether that’s precious jewels or beloved family pictures. The chest may even hold aquamarine stones, which are valuable gems, some believe, are made from mermaid tears. Based on some Pacific island legends, humans are said to be the descendants of mermaids. We just lost our tails as time went on.

6. Floating Mermaid

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In our minds, this mermaid just did a high dive off of a big cliff — in her human form, of course. When she hit the water, her tail returned. And that’s when this special moment took place, of a mermaid reveling in the return to her authentic state. Doesn’t she look liberated? That’s our interpretation — ask your kiddo to use their imagination and come up with other possible explanations for this picture. Fun fact: Mermaids have superpowers like telepathy, hypnosis, and immortality!

7. Mermaid Friends

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Why, these mermaid friends look like they’re having a mermaid party! There’s so much to color here, and all of it begs to be filled in with super-vibrant crayons. Bonus: This coloring page lends itself to all sorts of exciting questions and spinoff activities. Ask your kiddo to identify as many of the sea creatures as possible in the picture. Or have them guess what songs the mermaids have been listening to — and then reenact a mermaid dance. Mermaids are so beautiful; it’s hard to believe sailors mistook them for manatees during their voyages. And fun fact: Do you know why Starbucks’ logo is a mermaid? It’s because they want to lure all the coffee drinkers in the same way mermaids used to draw in sailors. Clever!

8. Mermaid No. 1

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This mermaid is a blank page in every sense of the word. Since the only information we have is that she’s a mermaid, your little one gets to be super-creative when they come up with a backstory for her. Consider it a writing exercise!

9. Mermaid No. 2

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Don’t get us wrong — we love this pretty mermaid. It’s no wonder mermaid means “woman of the sea.” Her long, flowy hair is screaming for a festive color! But we’ll be the first to admit we’re also very intrigued by her friend. Why is Mr. Starfish so shy?

10. Fairy Mermaid

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We love fairies. We love mermaids. So, duh, of course, we’re going to love fairy mermaids. What does that mean to you? Ask your budding artist that question and see where the answer takes them on the page. Did you know a kiss from a mermaid gives you the ability to breathe underwater? Warning: This could result in gills, so remind your child to think carefully before smooching a mermaid. Fun fact: The Little Mermaid movie was one of the first Disney films to use Pixar computer animation!

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