Who Was The Mystery Dog At The 2021 Met Gala?

Who Was The Mystery Dog At The Met Gala?

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A dog attended the Met Gala, I REPEAT, a mystery dog walked the carpet at the annual fashion event

On Monday, September 13, 2021, the stars paraded down the carpet at the annual Met Gala. All the usual suspects made appearances at the illustrious fashion event (Kim K! Rihanna! Timothee Chalamet!) and there were some viral moments like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wearing a dress that said “Tax The Rich,” Dan Levy in a pro-LGBTQ+ look, and the GOAT Simone Biles in an 88-pound skirt, but hiding at the entrance to the carpet was a stunning starlet I’ve never seen before. TikTok star? Up and coming poptress? An indie movie darling? Who can say? But the question on everyone’s lips was…Who was the mystery dog at the Met Gala?

Who is the Met Gala dog?

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Look PAST the gorgeous Megan Fox with her rockabilly bangs and red-on-red ensemble to see the Met’s Goodest Girl. Yes, Ms. Fox is SERVING A LEWK but WHO IS THAT GOOD GIRL DOIN A SIT?!

Who is this dog? Who was she wearing! What was her interpretation of the theme? The night’s theme was American-made and actually, there’s nothing more American than a damn Golden Retriever.

Our mystery canine queen made cameos in several Met appearances as she had the best seat in the house, waiting with her handlers right when the celebs first hit the carpet.

Here she is letting it all hang out, casually watching rapper Saweetie make her grand entrance. Doggie seems impressed with the look, but is saying, “What else ya got?”

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When Kim Kardashian walked the carpet in a head-to-toe black stretch get-up, the dog TURNED HER BACK to Kimmy K! “Not having it!” — dog, presumably.

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Star after star, the good girl pulled focus with her fresh doggie blowout and perfectly behaved demeanor.

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The best girl.

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Looking at her handler for treats, like…

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The humans of the Met Gala looked great and all, but everybody wanted to know what was up with this dog!

Big shoutout to the internet for spotting the beast of the ball and putting this Golden on our radar. Coming out of the pandemic, we want nothing more than famous people wearing fancy clothes and a derpy dog living her best life. And okay, you’re right, she’s probably a drug-sniffing dog sent to the event for security, but it’s fun to dream! Long live the Met Gala dog!

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