40+ Gifts For Dudes Because There's No Way Socks And Underwear Are All He Wants

by Julia Guerra
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We’re just going to say the thing everyone’s thinking: Men are impossible to shop for. Particularly men that claim they don’t want or need anything for their birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc. That’s just a flat out lie, guys, and we would know. We’re better at it than you. Everyone wants something, even if it’s just a new pair of socks or a pack of boxer briefs. And yet, there’s one major perk to shopping for a dude who allegedly doesn’t know what he wants: you get to choose every single one of the gifts for him under the tree.

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Ergo, if you love how his eyes pop when he wears the color red, wrap up a red sweater. Can’t stand the cologne your brother wears to every family gathering? Find him a scent that doesn’t reek. No matter the type of guy you’re buying for, there’s a gift for him — and we’ve got it all right here.

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Gifts For Him: The Homebody

Gifts For Him: The Chef

Gifts For Him: The Techie

Fashion Gifts For Him

Grooming Gifts For Him

Gifts For Him: Games

Gifts For Him: Outdoorsy Gifts

Gifts For The Curious Guy

Gifts For The Music Lover

Gifts For The Beer Lover

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Gifts For The Baseball Lover

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