16 Best Toddler Play Mats That Are Actually Cute

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by Kyle Schurman
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Skip Hop Foam Baby Playmat

Baby foam play mats and cushioned cloth mats are endlessly useful. If you’re looking for the best toddler play mats — one that’s safe for infant tummy time activities, those first adventures in crawling, and not a total eyesore— we’ve got ’em. And if you’ve had a difficult time making a decision thus far, we get it. As a new mom, you may feel like you never want to put your baby down. But until you have a 16-year-flash-forward vision of you carrying your baby girl to her first prom and, after a good cry about how quickly your baby is growing up, you’ll realize it’ll be healthy for you and the baby to have some alone time. After all, it’s also good for your baby’s development.

You can create a safe, clean place for the baby to play on the floor by adding a foam play mat. When they aren’t busy with their baby bouncer, putting them down is a good way for the baby to improve his or her hand-eye coordination and to give you five minutes hands-free to try and clean up the kitchen.

Then you start shopping for mats, and you shudder at the thought of how UGLY they are. You love Disney cartoon characters as much as anyone, but not as a fixture in your living room. After all, you didn’t spend hours working on decor pre-pregnancy, only to not give a sh*t once the baby showed up.

Lucky for you (not so lucky for moms 5+ years ago), stylish foam play mats do exist. And the best thing is that most of them now roll up when you need to vacuum or have the girls coming over for wine night. You might not realize, but there are kid’s floor mats around that are decent enough on the eyes that you can let them be seen by guests.

Here are the best toddler play mats for your kiddos to play and relax on.

Best Play Mats For Kids

This 6.5×4.5-foot mat by Comfort Design is non-toxic, padded, and looks like the area rug you’d been wanting. It has a one-piece design, giving it an added advantage over foam floor puzzle mat options, where unidentifiable goo always seems to seep into the seams.

There’s a lot to love about this mat from Moonsea. For one, it’s not just a mat — it’s also a hiding space for your child if they need a little bit of alone time. In the teepee design, they can play independently if they wish. The mat is machine washable, meaning it’s easy to clean if your child gets spills or crumbs in the mat — which is destined to happen. Many parents have claimed that their children have used this teepee and mat to serve as a small reading nook.

This Ofie Mat is definitely a mat you won’t mind showcasing in the family room. This single foam mat is a great place for toddlers and kids to play safely. And, speaking of safety, this mat is free from all heavy metals, BPA, and lead. If you find yourself not using it every day, you can easily roll it up and store it. Available in three different designs, it’s sure to make parenting young ones just a little easier.

If you just can’t bring yourself to put your decor’s needs ahead of giving your child a play mat with fun colors and artwork, this Winthome mat gives you the best of both worlds. Let your baby play on it and take in the stimulating colors and drawings. Then when playtime is over, roll up the 4.9-foot diameter portable mat, and it becomes a tote bag with built-in shoulder straps. You even can store a few of the baby’s toys inside the rolled-up fabric. A play mat that cleans up after itself? Your living room decor will never look better.

Looking for a large playmat that you can continue using as your baby continues to grow? This UANLAUO mat is made of thick foam that’ll last for some time. Available in a variation of animals and nature prints, this mat is foldable and reversible. Made of just one piece, you don’t have to puzzle this one together to set it up. It’s easy to clean, waterproof, and made out of 100% BPA free material. Plus, each version of it is absolutely adorable. Buying it is a no-brainer — the big question is, which one will you get?

OK OK, we said you wouldn’t be embarrassed by the designs of any of these baby play mats. But, we’re going to break our rule. This mat, which is available in two sizes 4×6 and up, has silly drawings and bright, almost overwhelming colors on both sides, but it is waterproof and non-slip, which is perfect when the toddlers are just learning to crawl and walk. (Maybe you have friends who don’t understand color schemes in decor, so they’ll think this mat fits in perfectly with your living room. Don’t laugh. It could happen.)

If play space is what you’re looking for, it’ll be hard to beat this waterproof foam mat that measures in at 70 by 59 inches. One of the many benefits of this mat is the fact that it’s incredibly easy to clean. And since toddlers can often be walking messes, that’s something you should consider thinking about when it comes to mat purchases. It’s also BPA-free and double-sided, so it’s easy to switch up if you get bored with the initial design. Need one more reason? It’s also fantastic to travel with.

Best Foam Play Mats And Puzzle Mats

Do you like puzzles? Then you might be naturally attracted to this fun puzzle-like playmat from Creative Baby. Measuring in at 16.5 x 3.5 x 16.5 inches, this mat is made from non-toxic EVA foam. Great for kids who want to learn more about animals, this play mat features 50 that they can discover. This mat is safe for all floors, from wood to carpet.

This puzzle mat is great for young kids who aren’t the most mobile just yet. This mat comes as 18 interlocking pieces, and is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free. But, one of the best parts is that it can easily go with the rest of your decor. The pattern isn’t too loud, giving this mat more purpose than others. You can even use it for lounging or exercising on while your child is napping. “Not only is my little guy happy to crawl all over the place but this mommy is also happy that the mat pieces match her home decor,” one Amazon reviewer noted. The same can be true for you, as it comes in 13 colors.

To remain stylish, baby play mats in large sizes need to look more like cool area rugs than kids mats. This 6.5×4.5-foot mat pulls off that trick, using subtle colors and a reversible design with different patterns. In fact, it looks so much like an area rug that you may keep it around even after your kids no longer require padded floors.

As the manufacturers state, this carpet can double as a statement piece. With a lot of cute animals on top, it’s easy to assemble and thick and protective, helping both your baby and your flooring. One more thing to love about this play mat? There’s a money-back guarantee if you’re not a fan. But with nearly 400 5-star reviews, that’s probably unlikely.

Imagine being able to get a beige rug with it becoming gross and brown. This foam mat for your baby is neutral, durable, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and super easy to clean… just to name a few of its positive attributes. It also comes as tiles for easy breakdowns and portability.

Best Baby Play Mats

If you have a newborn or infant, there’s a good chance you’re looking for a good tummy time mat. This mat can serve as both that, and a playmat when your child gets a little older. Constructed with heavy-duty PVC, kids will love the fish and sea life featured on the mat. Perfect for babies over three months old, this mat will help younger kids develop their fine motor skills. Not too many mats can double as toys, but this one absolutely does.

Baby play mats with large-sized options are great for giving the baby plenty of room to play, but it’s a pain in the ass to try to store a huge mat. (Not as big of a pain in the ass as your partner pretending to sleep through the 3 a.m. feeding for the fourth straight night, but it’s close.) This mat has a fold-up design that simplifies storage. Fully laid out, it measures almost 5×6 feet with 0.4 inches of thickness. But when folded up, it’s a fraction of the size. It’s also reversible with cute and subtle animal drawings on both sides.

You may like the idea of giving the baby stimulating toys attached to a play mat, but you hate that those mats always seem to have overwhelming purples, pinks, and whatever that color that is supposed to be orange actually is. (Let’s just hope that color isn’t last week’s jar of partially digested butternut squash baby food.) This mat, about 3×5 feet, has a mirror, a teether, and a crinkle toy, all with black and white colors that should fit in with any decor.

Even if you choose a stylish foam play mat, it doesn’t have to bore the kid to the point where he or she would rather take a nap… or watch Teletubbies. This 3-foot diameter fun play mat comes with detachable arched arms over the top, allowing you to hang toys and keep them busy, at least for a few. These mats are especially good for babies who need to be on their back. The toys on top might also be enough to distract a squirmy baby when it’s time for a diaper change, as well.

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