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25+ Brilliant Brazilian Boy Names To Reflect Your Son’s Heritage

From Antônio to Salvador, these names are full of character.

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A Brazilian baby boy learns to walk with the help of his mother.
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One of the easiest ways to pay tribute to or honor your roots is to look for a name rooted in that heritage. That's why North America, home to millions of people who identify as Irish, is full of little Aidens and Patricks. But you don't have to be Irish to pluck a name from the country of your ancestors. If you're from Brazil, have family from Brazil, or recently took a DNA test and found out you have Brazilian lineage, lean into it! Choose from the many cool Brazilian boy names for your son.

Brazil is a gorgeous country, in every sense of the word — one that offers a truly unique and expansive way of life, from deeply devout Catholics to their wild and fun beach-going counterparts, as well as those who consider themselves a mix of both cultures. Due to ye olde colonizers, Brazil has become quite the melting pot of heritages (which has, sadly, done a disservice to Brazil by drastically shrinking the Indigenous population). With so many cultures and heritages represented in Brazil, it's no wonder that Brazilian names seem as equally diverse.

From the most popular names in the country to just some truly majestic names, these Brazilian boy names are perfect for the son whose first Carnivale attendance you've already planned out.

Most Popular Brazilian Boy Names

1. José

We've all heard José before, right? José is the Spanish form of the Hebrew name Yosef. The name means "God multiplies,” which is apt when you consider that Yosef translates to Joseph (aka Jesus' stepfather).

2. João

Meaning "graced by God," this Brazilian name is typically paired with another name, such as Pedro, Paulo, or Carlos. No matter what you pair it with, though, it will feel especially relevant if you waited a long time for your sweet baby.

3. Antônio

Antônio is Latin and is another form of the name Anthony or Antonius. The name means "priceless."

4. Francisco

The feminine version of this French name is also popular in Brazil. Want to pay tribute to both your Brazilian and French heritages? Francisco means "from France."

5. Carlos

Did you know that Carlos can actually be traced back to German origins? The name, meaning "free man," is pretty popular in most Spanish-speaking countries.

6. Paulo

Paulo is so fun and familiar-looking because it looks like "Paul." However, with the addition of the O, this Portuguese name feels a bit more dynamic. And it means "small," making it particularly well-suited for your precious premie.

7. Pedro

Meaning simply "rock," Pedro is rooted in Latin and Greek. Its etymological origin is Petra, which is also a cool name.

8. Lucas

This is a fun one! In Latin, Lucas means "bringer of the light." In Greek, however, it means "man from Lucania." Whatever variation on the name Lucas you choose, it's a sweet and easily recognizable name in Brazil and beyond.

9. Luiz

Sometimes you want something traditional. But there are times when you want something with a little more spice, like a name featuring a letter not commonly used. The Spanish version of Louis is just that. Luis or Luiz are both prevalent and traditional. But that "z" at the end makes it feel just a little more special. As a bonus, Luiz means "famous warrior."

10. Marcos

Marcos is a name with origins that date all the way back to Greek and Roman mythology. Marcos is actually a reference to the battle god Mars.

11. Claúdio

This strong name comes from Spanish and Latin origin. It's a variation of Claudius and Claudus, which means lame or enclosure, and has strong Shakespearean roots. This name was given to characters in two of the legendary playwright's pieces, a Measure for Measure and Much Ado About Nothing.

12. Domingos

Domingos is a cute and firm name to give your little one, especially if you’re looking for something on the religious side. It’s a holy name that means "from God" or "of the Lord." In Spanish, it also means "born on a Sunday," but even if your baby boy wasn't born on that day of the week, it's still a very unique moniker.

More Brazilian Names for Your Baby Boy

1. Augusto

This summery and whimsical name comes from the Latin name Augustus. It means great and magnificent or favored with good omens. Many saints and priests also share this name, so your little one will be in good company.

2. Afonso

This Portuguese variation of the name Alonzo means "one who is ready to be noble." Sounds like the perfect option for your Brazilian prince!

3. Benicio

This name has Spanish roots and means benevolent one. It also means blessed, so giving your baby this name will spell nothing but positivity for them. It's also the name of Puerto Rican actor Benicio Del Toro, who appeared in tought guy films like The Usual Suspects, 21 Grams and Sicario, and Traffic.

4. Cauã

An indigenous Brazilian name for boys, Cauã means "hawk." And if you're looking to make it even more unique, you can try one of these accepted alternate spellings: Kauã, Cauan, and Kauan.

5. Estevão

We're already used to the "Este" half of this word: We've seen it with celebs like Esteban and Gloria Estefan. This Spanish name means "crowned."

6. Hélio

This name translates to "sun,” and while plenty of really great monikers with that meaning exist, this Spanish and Brazilian version is our favorite. A note from Spanish class for non-Spanish speakers: Don't pronounce the H.

7. Joaquim

This Portuguese name means "established by God." You might give your kid a bit of a god complex, but they're sure to have confidence and charisma. So, worth it?

8. Kaique

Another Indigenous Brazilian name, Kaigue means "water bird." How you interpret that meaning for your baby boy is up to you.

9. Kauê

Meaning "kind man," this Indigenous Brazilian name comes with spunk. It's short and direct, so there's no need to worry about playground bullies turning it into some silly nickname.

10. Murilo

This M name is altogether unique, as there doesn't seem to be much of an English translation. In Portuguese, however, it means "small wall." If you're raising a future offensive lineman, Murilo is definitely the way to go.

11. Ronaldo

Do you think of Cristian Rinaldo, the world-famous fútbol player, when you see the name Ronaldo? Samesies! That gives Ronaldo just enough familiarity without making you look like a Rinaldo super fan. This Portuguese name means "ruler of judgment."

12. Salvador

You've undoubtedly seen this word many times when looking at a map. But did you know that it translates to "savior" in Brazilian Portuguese? Salvador might be the perfect name for a deeply religious mama and dada who want to pay tribute to their Brazilian roots.

13. Ubirajara

This Indigenous Brazilian name translates to "lord of the spear." So, you'll raise a son with a fighting spirit if you pick this name.

14. Ubiratan

Similarly, Ubiratan means "strong spear." Can you spot the difference? The previous name is someone who utilizes the weapon, but this name is the actual weapon itself. And, yep! It's also Indigenous Brazilian.

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