These Are The 21 Most Comfy Shoes For Pregnancy, According To A Podiatrist

Now’s the time to treat your feet.

by Jessica Booth
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best shoes for pregnancy
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Shoes for pregnancy are a thing, because — among other things — your feet will be affected by your body’s continual changes. Being pregnant means that, more often than not, your feet are aching and swollen. It may be time to start investing in some of the most comfy shoes for pregnancy so that your feet don’t hate you at the end of a long day. You’ll want to avoid anything restrictive and instead opt for pairs that are more flexible and lightweight and also supportive. And of course, depending on when your bump is growing, you’ll have different footwear needs in winter versus summer (although, comfy slippers are always a good idea).

Scary Mommy reached out to Frances J. Lagana, DPM, Chief Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, at UMass Memorial Health, to learn more about what to look for in comfy shoes for pregnancy.

The Expert

Dr. Frances Lagana has been a board-certified podiatrist for over 30 years and specializes in podiatric surgery and arthritic foot and ankle conditions. She received her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and currently practices at UMass Memorial Health. She also serves as an Assistant Professor in the Orthopedics and Physical Rehabilitation department at UMass Chan Medical School.

How Does Pregnancy Affect Your Feet?

Raised hormone levels in pregnant women can lead to swelling and aching joints, so the best maternity shoes are the ones that have lots of cushioning and plenty of breathing room. Oh, and did we mention your feet can actually grow in size during pregnancy? Cue the maternity shoes.

According to Dr. Lagana, “As we progress in pregnancy, our feet widen, elongate, and increase in flexibility. Many women state that their shoe size increases between ½ to one full size with each pregnancy.” Woah. If that’s not enough, the swelling caused by carrying a child can make things worse. “Many women will experience swelling or edema in the feet, as well, usually increasing in occurrence as the pregnancy progresses,” continues Dr. Lagana. “This will vary from person to person. Many of these changes to the feet will become permanent and it is important following each pregnancy that a woman has her foot measured to determine if any changes in size, both length and width have occurred.”

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What Are The Best Shoes To Wear While Pregnant?

The first step, of course, is to determine your correct shoe size, since it may have recently changed. Next, Dr. Lagana suggests sticking with shoes that are breathable, adjustable, supportive, and offer stability. “Shoes that have a limited twisting ability if held from the front and back will help to stabilize the foot during gait,” she explains. “Having support through a shoe while pregnant is important. This will provide stability as the patient gains baby weight and can also aid in providing shock absorption that can decrease leg, lower back, and foot pain.”

The best shoes for pregnant women may be on the more practical side, but that definitely doesn’t mean they have to be frumpy as well. There are lots of chic and comfortable shoes for pregnant women out there that are stylish and sturdy enough to be worn throughout your entire pregnancy (yes, even when feet swell up to an almost embarrassing size) and beyond. You may want to say goodbye to your favorite pair of heels for a few months, but there are plenty of great substitutes out there.

All of that being said, it’s time to start shopping to give those feet some much-needed relief. Below you’ll find everything from comfortable shoes (dressy and casual) and boots to sandals and even slippers. All promise to get you through these next few months in style and comfort.

The Best Casual Shoes For Pregnancy

The Cult-Favorite Walking Shoe

Lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, these Skechers are everything you could want in a walking shoe. Boasting more than 74,000 Amazon ratings, these wildly popular slip-ons feature mesh around the foot that expands as you walk, making them ideal for swollen feet that need room to breathe, and the proprietary cushioning is soothing for even the achiest feet. That mesh fabric also lets air in, so you don’t have to worry about your feet overheating.

Helpful Review: “They are tight when you first put them on but once broken in they fit like a glove. I’m currently pregnant and I use them for work….GAME CHANGERS! They are breathable, comfortable and help with my already swollen feet.”

Available Sizes: 5 — 13 (narrow and wide sizes also available) | Available Colors: 40

The Best Faux Leather Sneakers

These versatile slip-on sneakers come in a wide variety of colors and patterns (opt for leopard print for something fun, or a solid for something basic), and they’re great for everyday wear. They’re made with a flexible construction that really works with feet that tend to swell up throughout the day, and the anatomical cushioning feels great. One feature you never knew you needed is a padded collar that keeps your heel from slipping out of the shoe. And, to top it all off, the material is made from recycled bottles, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Helpful Review: “These slip on sneakers have been amazing during pregnancy! [...]No rubbing on my heel, and I can wear them with or without the no-show socks.”

Available Sizes: 5 — 13 (wide sizes also available) | Available Colors: 29

The Best Maternity Running Shoe

Whether you want to work out while pregnant or you just want a really comfy sneaker, these Adidas Cloudfoam running shoes are an excellent choice. Another fan-favorite on Amazon, they come backed by more than 53,000 five-star reviews. They’re very, very lightweight and super stretchy (which is especially nice if your feet grow during those nine months). The soft midsole makes walking or running a total breeze. They’re also really supportive, which is just what those tired feet need.

Helpful Review: “I’ve been wearing these every day during my pregnancy. The cushion support is fantastic. Plus the slip on is easy for me since I can’t bend over my belly.”

Available Sizes: 5 — 12 | Available Colors: 8

The Best Casual Slip-On Maternity Shoe

These are pretty much the sporty, everyday casual sneakers you’ve been waiting for. They’re slip-on, so you don’t need to attempt to bend over to lace them up, and they have a snug fit that won’t allow your heel to slip out. The breathable fabric makes them work even on the hottest of days, and the sole is durable and soft, and thick enough so you don’t feel like your feet are thumping against the ground. With a wide variety of color options, there’s something for everyone — and the price is welcomingly affordable.

Helpful Review: “These were one of my best pregnant purchases by far I loved these shoes they were so comfortable and light weight I didn’t feel like I was carrying more weight and I was walking on clouds . These were a life saver my last two months of being pregnant they really stretched and provided support for my feet.”

Available Sizes: 5 — 13 (wide sizes also available) | Available Colors: 22

The Best Canvas Slip-On Shoes

If you’re not into sandals or sneakers, but you’re looking for something casual and easy to wear, try these TOMS. They’re made with super-comfortable canvas and are designed to last for years, and they have a wonderfully snug fit. Don’t be deterred when wearing them in: TOMS can take a few days to adjust to your feet, but once they do, they stretch perfectly and feel like they were custom-made for you. They come in six wearable colors.

Helpful Review: “I have been wearing these shoes for a while now & still love them. They are easy to slip in & feel very comfortable. I just bought another pair in a different color. These are shoes that will last. I am also so happy that Toms gives a pair of shoes to a needy person for every pair you buy.”

Available Sizes: 5 — 12 | Available Colors: 12

The Most Versatile Sneaker

These Hey Dude’s slip-on sneakers are a classic that you’ll love if you’re looking for something a little more chic and a little less sporty. This versatile kicks are ideal for going from the work week to the weekend. They feature a removable memory foam insole and adjustable tongue so you can count on them being comfy and fitting perfectly right out of the box. They also have a roomy, wide fit that you’ll be able to get on your feet even when you’re in the third trimester. The fact that they’re lightweight and machine washable are just a couple more reasons to love them.

Helpful Review: “I absolutely adore these shoes and wish I had 10 pairs of them. They are lightweight, easy to put on, and soft on my feet. I am pregnant and [...] they fit perfectly with that swollen feet lol. Plus I know that I will want to wear them even after I'm pregnant. They become my new favorite flats.”

Available Sizes: 4 — 11 | Available Colors: 22

The Best Everyday Maternity Shoe

You definitely don’t need to be hitting the gym to enjoy these Skechers sneakers. Comfortable and easy to slip on (no lacing up necessary), they’re a durable everyday shoe great for quick outings or for wearing for long stretches of time. They’re ultra-lightweight while still offering excellent support. And they come in tons of cute colors and patterns.

Helpful Review: “I wear these to work 10+ hours a day. I’m on my feet constantly. These are very nice and comfortable.”

Available Sizes: 5 — 11 (wide sizes also available) | Available Colors: 16

The Best Maternity Cross Trainers

Reebok’s are known as “the official shoe of fitness” and these Nano Cross Trainers live up to the name. They’re lightweight and feature a breathable knit fabric. Runners will especially appreciate the comfort and support the Floatride Energy Foam cushioning provides. Even if you’re not doing a lot of running these days, these sneakers are sure to be a hit for their comfort and roomy design that’s perfect for swollen feet.

Helpful Review: “Ive tried alot of different shoes for all day comfortability and these are hands down the best. I have wide feet and these are perfect.”

Available Sizes: 5 — 12 | Available Colors: 25

The Best Cool-Weather Sneakers

With a wool outer shell and a genuine leather lining, these casual sneakers are perfect for the fall when cooler weather hits, plus they look great with anything from casual dresses to your favorite pair of jeans. The removable molded footbed offers an added layer of comfort and the low-top design is ideal for providing a little extra room for swollen ankles. Fyre offers the Ivy sneaker an array of colors and fabrics so they’re something for everyone.

Helpful Review: “I purchased this shoe because I liked the look of it with jeans... plus you can't go wrong with Frye shoes because they're so well made. But the big surprise was how comfortable the was as soon as I put it on and remained comfortable for the entire day. Well worth the money!”

Available Sizes: 5.5 — 11 | Available Colors: 16

The Best Boots For Pregnancy

The Best Waterproof Ankle Boots

These might be the perfect ankle boots for pregnant women. They’re chic, simple, and versatile, and look great dressed up or down. The chunky heel elevates the look (literally) but since it’s on the low side, they’re still super comfortable. They’re also great for winter weather since they’re made of waterproof leather with a waterproof zipper and seam-sealed technology to keep any and all water out. (Just make sure to check the boot in the listing since some suede options are not waterproof.)

Helpful Review: “Bought these for 2 week trip to Italy. Walked average of 15,000 steps per day and these boots held up well and were comfortable all day long. Also feet were perfectly dry during day walking in rain in Rome.”

Available Sizes: 5 — 12 (wide sizes also available) | Available Colors: 8

The Best Low-Heel Ankle Boot

These microfiber suede Dr. Scholl’s ankle boots feature a low heel and a memory foam insole designed for all-day comfort. The rubber soles are a non-slip feature that’s great for giving pregnant women a little added reassurance in their step. The deep side cut outs and back tab make them easy to slip on and off. And who can resist the adorable perforated design? Choose from three versatile colors.

Helpful Review: “These shoes are awesome! I bought them for in size 8 wide for my swollen, pregnant feet and they have been great. Super comfortable, easy to put on and good for walking. I stand at my job the majority of the time and my feet don’t get tired in these.Great shoes and comfortable right out of the box!”

Available Sizes: 6 — 11 (wide sizes also available) | Available Colors: 3

The Best Sandals & Summer Shoes For Pregnancy

These Editor-Approved Sling Sandals

You know when you step on a thick yoga mat and it just feels really amazing under your bare feet? These sandals are exactly like that — in fact, they are literally made out of real yoga mat material. They’re more cushioned than your average flat sandal, which is perfect for aching feet. The wide, stretchy straps don’t feel constricting at all, and they also make these look nicer than your average plain flip-flops. With all that breathing room, these are especially ideal for swollen feet.

Editor Review: “I wore these when I was pregnant with my son — walking everywhere — and they were so easy on my feet. So, so comfy! Still wearing them now, two years later. I’m a Sanuk fan for life.” - Kate Miller, Scary Mommy editor

Available Sizes: 5 — 11 | Available Colors: 7

The Best Slide Sandals

These Adidas slides feature an extra plush EVA foam footbed that makes it feel a little like walking on clouds. They’re incredibly lightweight and breathable, and they’re great for people with wide (or swollen) feet thanks to the roomy single strap. Wear them with socks or even to the pool — they’re designed to dry quickly. They come in TONS of colors and at such a good price, you can get all your faves.

Helpful Review: “These shoes are awesome! I bought them for in size 8 wide for my swollen, pregnant feet and they have been great. Super comfortable, easy to put on and good for walking. I stand at my job the majority of the time and my feet don’t get tired in these.Great shoes and comfortable right out of the box!”

Available Sizes: 5 — 15 | Available Colors: 20+

The Best Cork Sandals

Your search for comfortable, sturdy, casual sandals has come to an end. These Birkenstock-esque sandals feel much more durable and strong than flip flops, but they have the same laid-back vibe. The suede insoles conform to your feet after you wear them, so your feet fit perfectly, and the cork footbed is comfortable and flexible. The straps are also adjustable, which is ideal as your feet get swollen, and they’re obviously very breathable as well. Not surprisingly, they’ve amassed a loyal following on Amazon, with over 50,000 reviews, and counting.

Helpful Review: “I bought these sandals because [...] they are literally the only shoe that fits my pregnant swollen feet. I like how they can be adjusted with the buckles. And I find that they have the right amount of support for my high arches.”

Available Sizes: 5 — 13 (wide sizes also available) | Available Colors: 24

The Best T-Strap Sandals

Crocs are known for being really comfortable, so it’s no surprise that these T-strap sandals are ideal for aching pregnant feet. The Isabella sandals are made of the brand’s signature Croslite material that makes them flexible, durable, and cushiony. They’re a great mix of style and comfort and perfect for warm summer days.

Helpful Review: “It’s July 6 and I have worn these shoes every single day since I got them on April 30. Literally every day. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and these have been the most comfortable shoes to wear in the summer heat.”

Available Sizes: 4 — 11 | Available Colors: 3

The Best Wedge Sandals

Meet your new go-to sandals for dressing up during pregnancy (and beyond). These slip-on BZees wedge sandals are supportive, made with cushy air-infused soles, and — get this — they’re machine washable. The band is stretchy; a great feature for swollen feet, plus they come in wide sizes for even more room. Dress them up for the office or down for a night out with friends. You’ll want to live in them.

Helpful Review: “These are my go to shoes when I want a little height because I don't do high heels. These sandles are comfortable, you will forget that you have them on. I wear them all the time, so I know I will be ordering another pair. Absolutely comfortable and casual wear.”

Available Sizes: 6 — 11 (wide sizes also available) | Available Colors: 4

The Best Work & Dressy Shoes For Pregnancy

The Best Chunky Penny Loafers

These chunky penny loafers by Clarks are chic yet extra comfy thanks to the Ortholite footbed and soft lining. They’re easy to slip on and off and the rippled wave sole adds to the chic look while still offering a stable foundation. The moisture-wicking insole is great for sweaty feet. And, let’s be honest, pregnant feet get pretty sweaty.

Helpful Review: “Perfect loafer for work. Myfeet don’t hurt wearing these. Decent arch support. Was skeptical to buy shoes online, but was pleasantly surprised. I would order these again.”

Available Sizes: 5 — 12 (wide sizes also available) | Available Colors: 9

The Best Maternity Slippers

The Best Moccasin Slippers

These temperature-regulating moccasin slippers are soft and comfy — just the thing for tired, pregnant feet. And because they’re lined with genuine 100% Australian lambswool, they’re the ultimate in warmth. And you won’t have to worry about ruining them (yes, even the light pink color) since the suede exterior is both water- and stain-resistant. The rubber soles offer great tread to keep you from slipping. Choose from eight colors that are sure to match anything from PJ’s to your everyday stretch jeans.

Helpful Review: “I wear these as a shoe because I am 8 months pregnant and my feet have grown a little bit and are regularly quite sore. These slippers actually alleviate some of my lower back pain!”

Available Sizes: 6 — 11 (wide sizes also available) | Available Colors: 8

The Cutest Slippers For An Expectant Mama

Could there be a more fitting slipper for an expecting mama bear? We think not. In addition to being just plain adorable, these cozy slippers are made with a memory foam insole to give your aching feet some instant “ahhhh.” The rubber sole makes them versatile enough to wear them for a quick walk to the mailbox and, if they get dirty, just toss them in the washing machine.

Helpful Review: “These are super comfortable and warm! I dont like excessivly big slippers so I always size down as I am usually right on the edge of a medium and large, got the medium and these fit perfect! A little snug at first but break in very easily. I love wearing them around the house and out on the patio. As a proud mom of a crazy 2 year old I love the mama bear saying as well!”

Available Sizes: Small — X-Large | Available Colors: 3

The Best Affordable Slippers

These super fluffy, extra-soft slippers are made of memory foam and lined with the coziest faux fur. And since they feature an anti-skid rubber sole, you’ll feel stable on your feet. Pregnant or not, your feet deserve all the nice things and these slippers should definitely be on that list.

Helpful Review: “Currently 7 months pregnant [and] they fit beautifully and they’re very comfortable.”

Available Sizes: 5-6 — 11-12 | Available Colors: 5

The Fan-Favorite Slippers

With 66,000+ ratings and counting, it’s clear these ultra-cozy slippers are doing something right— maybe it’s the anti-slip rubber sole and the cushy memory foam. These fleece-lined slippers provide all the comfort and softness you could ever want for your feet. After all, your feet are doing a lot of extra work right now.

Helpful Review: “My husband bought these for my swollen pregnant feet. They are comfortable, easy to slide on and off, and they dont make my feet sweat even if I'm not wearing socks (which is great because it's so hard to get socks on right now lol).”

Available Sizes: 5-6 — 11-12 | Available Colors: 12


Frances J. Lagana, DPM, Chief Podiatric Medicine and Surgery, at UMass Memorial Health

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