70 'Seinfeld' Trivia Questions — Get Them Right Or "No Soup For You!"

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Seinfeld Trivia

The world is chaotic and everything sucks. Even in the ’90s, one comedian enjoyed drilling that home more than anyone else: Jerry Seinfeld. However, his observational humor was more geared towards small, everyday things that were weird or awful and not the giant, overwhelming issues we’re currently facing. That makes watching Seinfeld and catching up with Jerry, George Costanza, Elaine Benes, and Kramer the perfect escape from today’s oft-grim reality.

We may not be able to escape to space, but we can at least go back to when the biggest problem facing people was shrinkage and the best way to break up with someone, right? These Seinfeld trivia questions will test your knowledge and help you go back in time at your next game night.

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1. Seinfeld is often described as a show about what?


2. What’s the first and last thing the group of friends discuss during the pilot and finale episodes?


3. What’s the name of “the coffee shop” where Jerry and his friends spend a lot of their time?

Monk’s Cafe

4. What is the Soup Nazi’s “catchphrase?”

“No soup for you!”

5. What was the name of the clown played by guest star Jon Favreau?


6. Which main cast member does not appear in the pilot?


7. Who is Sid and what’s his job?

He moves everyone’s cars to the other side of the street on “alternate sides” street cleaning days.

8. Which guest star said, “They’re real and they’re spectacular” when speaking of her own breasts?

Teri Hatcher

9. Who is Silvio?

Jerry and Kramer’s landlord

10. Who died from licking envelopes?

George’s fiance

11. Which Entourage star once guest starred on Seinfeld?

Jeremy Piven

12. How many episodes are there of Seinfeld?


13. According to a conversation between Jerry and Elaine, what’s the magic number of dates when a face-to-face break-up is required?


14. Who does Jerry describe as his nemesis and “pure evil?”


15. What’s the name for Jerry’s favorite shirt?

Golden Boy

16. When his favorite shirt falls apart after one too many washes, how does Jerry replace him?

With “Baby Blue” — A different shirt

17. What does “The Move” refer to?

A complicated sexual technique Jerry invented.

18. Of Jerry’s many shallow complaints about the women he dates, what petty thing bothers him about his girlfriend Gillian?

Her “man hands”

19. What is Jerry’s address?

129 West 81st Street, apartment 5A

20. What book’s late return earns Jerry a stern talking to and hefty late fees?

The Tropic of Cancer

21. When given the chance to be interviewed by Bryant Gumbel on The Today Show, what ruins the interview and sends Gumbel into giggles?

Jerry’s “puffy shirt”

21. What is Kramer’s first name?


22. What STD does Kramer overdramatize in front of a group of med students?


23. How much money does Kramer make upon originally selling his life stories?


24. Why was Kramer discharged from the Army after only serving “briefly?”

It’s classified

25. What former child actor does Kramer try to force into reading his script?

Fred Savage

26. What is Kramer’s alias?

Dr. Martin Van Nostrand

27. Where does Kramer find the set from The Merv Griffin Show?

The Dumpster

28. What are the names of George’s fictitious horses?

Snoopy and Prickly Pete

29. What does George want to name his future son?


30. Who does George want to name his future son after?

Mickey Mantle

31. What mega celebrity does George crash into and injure during a charity softball event?

Bette Midler

32. Who invented Festivus?

George’s father

33. When is Festivus?

December 23rd

34. According to George, which NYC institution has “magnificent facilities?”

Lincoln Center

35. What’s the only episode in which you don’t see George?

“The Pen”

36. What’s the name of George’s alias?

Art Vandelay

37. Which character has a dance named after them?


38. During surgery, what candy is accidentally dropped into Elaine’s boyfriend’s open abdomen?

A Junior Mint

39. Which big ’90s celebrity does Elaine *almost* hook up with?

JFK, Jr.

40. Who sleeps with him, instead?

Jerry’s girlfriend

41. Why does Elaine’s attempt to steal and eat someone else’s egg roll fall through?

She speaks too quietly.

42. Where does Elaine work and what does she do?

She’s a publisher at Pendant Publishing.

43. Elaine claims she has an IQ of…


44. Who is the “braless wonder?”

Sue Ellen, Elaine’s nemesis

45. In which episode did Elaine first appear?

The Stake Out

46. What’s so surprising about Kramer’s license plate?

It says, “ASSMAN” and was meant for a proctologist.

47. What happens during Schindler’s List that gets Jerry in a bit of hot water with Newman?

He’s caught making out with his girlfriend.

48. What flavor of babka is the “lesser babka?”

According to Elaine, cinnamon is the lesser babka.

49. What happens when Jerry eats the black and white cookie?

He pukes for the first time in more than ten years.

50. Which song does Elaine try to make “her song?”

Witchy Woman

51. What restaurant is Elaine banned from going to?

Hop Sing’s

52. How does Jerry feel about people who own ponies?

He hates them.

53. George got what teacher fired?

His gym teacher, Mr. Heyman

54. Who has stress-induced incontinence?


55. What type of pasta did Kramer use to make his statue of Jerry?


56. What causes George’s mother, Estelle, to throw out her back?

She catches him “enjoying” Glamour magazine

57. What does Kramer want his tombstone to say?

“Man’s Best Friend”

58. What is Kramer’s mom’s name?


59. What was the cause of death for George’s fiancée, Susan Rice?

She licked toxic glue while closing up the envelopes for her wedding invitations.

60. Where did George Costanza famously pull out a golf ball from?

A whale’s blowhole.

61. What day of the week did Jerry take over Newman’s mail route?


62. Why was Jerry stripped of his mailman privileges?

He delivered over 50 percent of the mail.

63. What is the name of Elaine’s boyfriend whom she wants to change his name because it is the same as a serial killer?

Joel Rifkin.

64. What did George scream when he was caught in a compromising position after a swim in the pool?


65. What is the tag line for Festivus?

“Festivus for the rest of us!”

66. At one point, how does Elaine assess whether a man is worth having sex with?

Whether he’s sponge-worthy.

67. What is Jerry’s apartment number?


68. What is the occupation George continually fakes having?

An architect.

69. What car does Jerry buy for this dad?

A Cadillac.

70. What is the fake name George uses throughout the series?

Art Vandelay

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