Six Month Old Baby

Your Six Month Old Baby

Congratulations; you made it halfway through the first year! Your baby may actually start letting you to put them down and leave the room without screaming like the world is ending right about now. You may also finally feel comfortable leaving your baby with your partner or other family members… which is a really good thing, because Mama could really use a night out. Go for it; your baby can survive a few hours without you and putting on something other than dirty yoga pants accentuated with the essence of spit up will do you a world of good.

Your Six Month Old Baby

Overnight, it seems, your baby has developed the amazing super power of finding the only crumb on the floor and promptly eating it. While eating random things on the ground may gross you out, as long as they’re not big enough to choke on, your baby will be fine. This is only the beginning of years and years of your kids doing things that gross you out. Best to get used to it early.

At this point, you can start introducing more varied foods. This means a whole new selection of smells, colors and textures coming from your baby’s diaper. It also means that you can start to cut down on the traditional baby foods, and start feeding some mushed up things that you’re actually eating. Lazy mothers, rejoice – less work for you!

If your six month old baby cries when you leave the room, she might be suffering from a new fear known as separation anxiety. The best way to calm your baby is to leave, wait for a minute or two, and then return. Repeating this pattern, at progressively longer intervals will help her realize that you always do come back.

Whatever eye color your baby’s eyes are now, are what they’ll stay. Lighter colored shades, especially, can go through several changes during the first six months of life, but settle down for good right about now. Sorry, baby blues!

Scary Mommy Tip: Though you still want to put her to bed on her back, don’t freak if she wakes up on her tummy. The terrifying risk of SIDS is much lower at six months than it was during infancy, since she can now roll over by herself. (You still want to keep crib bumpers, pillows etc. out of the crib, though.)

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