16 Best Baby Mobiles, According To Moms In 2021

The Dreamiest Baby Mobiles For Your Little’s Nursery

January 22, 2021 Updated May 27, 2021

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A baby mobile might be one of the last things on your baby essentials list, but trust us — you’ll need it. Not only is it a cute addition to the nursery, it helps keep Baby entertained and soothed. And we get it — the list of things needed for BB’s arrival can be completely overwhelming, especially when it comes to designing the nursery. Transforming what was once the WFH office space into a tranquil sleep haven takes both interior decor skills and knowhow. One of the most undervalued nursery must-have items (aside from a non-toxic crib mattress  — BB needs quality too!), is a baby crib mobile. We all know about the big sexies for the nursery: the crib, the glider, the changing table, and the baby bouncer, but the baby crib mobile is a must-have for both fashion and function.

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Best Baby Mobiles

Babies, and especially newborns may seem like they’re just laying around doing a whole lot of nothing, but really those little eyes and little brains are taking it all in. Baby mobiles are beautifully simplistic (or extremely high tech) but encourage BB to reach and stretch those limbs trying to grab what’s just out of reach. Their little eyes work really hard to focus on the colors and shapes on display. At first newborns can see just bold patterns in contrasting colors, but eventually the comforting sounds and familiar faces of their animal friends will bring them comfort in their own bed.

There are so many baby crib mobiles on the market today from the super high tech to the beautifully handmade wooden craft to the classic music box. We’ve curated our list of our favorites from the desired decor to best picks for baby’s brain and something in between, (like most likely to let mama get some sleep!) Go ahead and lay BB down in her crib (it’s good for her) and make another cup of coffee!

Best Crib Mobiles

Natural & Neutral Baby Crib Mobile

Trying to keep things neutral or just love shades of cream and grey? We love this baby crib mobile from Tik Tak Design Co on Etsy. Handmade in Nepal of 100% New Zealand wool, the calming tones will create a breathtaking display that both Mama and Babies love. One reviewer shared, “Beyond happy with this lovely mobile! It’s really finished off our little boy’s nursery and he loves looking at it!”


Safari Baby Crib Mobile

What’s more classic nursery than baby safari animals? We love Fetroland Baby’s Safari Animal Baby Crib Mobile designed with a gender neutral nursery in mind. In a sea of greys and creams, this bright pop of color will add a fresh look to any nursery. Handmade with craft and care, this mobile will be a show piece that can be passed onto (gasp!) the grandkids.

$139 AT ETSY

Rainbow Birds Baby Mobile by Sorrel + Fern

The minimalist design of this natural beechwood Baby Crib Mobile from Sorrel + Fern will add sense style and a pop of color to any nursery. Baby will notice the high contrast between the vibrant colors and white shapes, stimulating her brain while still being stylish enough for Mom! We love that this mobile is available in 8 different designs from elephants and stars to an ocean theme, so there’s something for every nursery all with the same elevated taste level.

$24.50 AT AMAZON

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile for Cribs

Manhattan Toy’s award- winning baby crib mobile from their Wimmer-Ferguson collection captures Baby’s attention with both black and white designs and more complex graphics and designs. This hanging mobile has the ability to adjust the height of the cards, keeping them just out of reach of BB as he grows.

According to Amazon, “The developmental toys for babies and infants in the Wimmer-Ferguson collection encourage eye-hand coordination, gross motor activity, self-awareness, sense of object permanence and experience with cause and effect.”

$22.94 AT AMAZON

Pehr Birds Of A Feather Baby Crib Mobile

Made of 100% wool felt, Pehr’s Birds of a Feather two-tiered mobile is a show stopper of a nursery mobile. Pehr is known for their commitment to sophisticated style, high quality design, and sustainable manufacturing. The soft pinks and creams will easily match in any baby girl’s room while creating a peaceful setting for a restful night’s sleep (we can hope!). 


Best Nursery Mobiles

Butterfly Baby Crib Mobile

Monkey Nut Design’s beautiful Butterfly Nursery Mobile adds an element of glamour as a statement piece in Baby Girl’s space while creating a calming effect as the butterflies blow in the breeze. Each of the 120 butterflies are approximately 2” and can be designed in custom colors to make any design scheme. Butterflies symbolize many things, including hope, endless potential, and vibrant life, all things we wish for BB!


Flying Airplane Nursery Mobile Hanging Decor

One of the most depressing aspects of hanging a baby crib mobile is taking it down when baby reaches about four months old. It becomes dangerous as BB tries to pull up on it. SHOPTELI has thought about this moment in time with their Flying Airplane Nursery Decor. While intended as a mobile with super cool airplanes circling overhead, it can easily be repurposed as a playroom decoration or office decor long after BB’s nursery no longer needs it.


HABA Nursery Room Wooden Mobile Rainbow Balls

We love all things HABA (German based innovators of high quality wooden toys) so it’s no wonder that their Wooden Rainbow Nursery Mobile made our list. Designed to be suspended from the ceiling, this mobile will take Baby’s brain development on the road (well, at least to the changing table and bassinet). With a gentle nudge, the wooden balls will spin for approximately 15 minutes, captivating Baby’s attention while he falls asleep.

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Floral Nursery Mobile

Nursery of Eden on Etsy has created a beautiful ceiling hanging nursery mobile for a truly sweet look. Styled with 10 large blooms and hanging down 30”, this is meant to be the centerpiece of any nursery design plan. If the pink is a little too traditional, it’s also available in red, blue, or a custom color of your choice as well.

One mama reviewer wrote, “It was the perfect fit for my daughter’s nursery! Love love it — since my daughter was born she has been fascinated and completely in love with the mobile.”


Best Musical Crib Mobiles

Disney Winnie The Peeking Pooh Nursery Crib Musical Mobile

Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? We’re hard pressed to find someone who isn’t a Disney lover. However, if Pooh doesn’t cut it, this mobile featuring 14 variations to include a variety of Disney characters should have something for everyone. The musical mobile plays Brahms Lullaby, known for its soothing melody and white noise effect relaxing baby to sleep. Pro tip — avoid overwinding this music box to prevent it from wearing out quickly!

$49.96 AT AMAZON

Taylor Elephant Musical Crib Mobile

The neutral palette of Pottery Barn Kids’ Taylor Elephant Musical Crib Mobile compliments any room or adds on to the collection of elephant themed nursery supplies they offer. “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” plays for approximately three minutes (long enough to sneak out and go to the bathroom), while the stars and clouds spin around.


Montessori Mobile Baby Crib With Rotate Musical Box

Maria Montessori’s educational philosophy is rooted in experiential learning for children leading to increased development over time. EverLove’s Montessori Inspired Baby Crib Mobile introduces high contrast images and black and white colors for early visual development all while being able to play music and spin. Made from hypoallergenic cotton, allergies in BB won’t be triggered by this soft mobile.

$35.99 AT AMAZON

Mini Tudou Crib Mobile Baby Crib Musical Mobile

Baby loves nothing more than a big show from Mom and Dad. Add making up songs and acting a fool to the list of things we said we would never do! Mini-Tudou Musical Crib Mobile takes the pressure to perform off of us while providing musical, visual, and light display for BB that we can access from our remote control. That’s right, Mama, when you’re too tired to get up off the couch to wind the mobile over the pack in play, simply press play on one of 108 song options and keep your feet up!

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Best Bassinet Mobiles

VX-star Baby Travel Play Arch Stroller

VX-Star has created a mobile perfect for the bassinet, stroller, or car seat. Ideal for smaller spaces, this mobile works on a clip system where both sides are attached to the desired object and then easily detach later on. Perfect as a hanging mobile for the bassinet early on, the toys engage Baby in a new way when clipped to the car seat or stroller by making noise when squeezed. There is nothing worse than buying a baby product that will be used only a handful of times. We love that this one is multi purpose!

$22.90 AT AMAZON

Nurture Smart - Portable Baby Crib Mobile

Nature Smart has created the Tesla of baby crib mobiles — they’re well thought out, incredibly high tech, and coveted by all. The Portable Mobile has the ability to record up to 5 minutes and play familiar voices, singing, and custom sounds, with a timer feature, a picture holder, and a mirror. It seriously does it all. The larger crib mobile is awesome, but we love that they have created this smaller sized version for bassinets and pack-in-plays.

$79.99 AT AMAZON

KiddoLab Baby Crib Mobile with Lights and Relaxing Music

If investing in a bassinet with solid walls or railings, this mobile from KiddoLab is a must. The adjustable knob allows for this mobile to transition from bassinet to crib as baby grows. We love the versatility of the features including the ability to choose between music that stops after fifteen minute or continuous nature sounds and a projection of the moon and stars onto the ceiling.

$39.75 AT AMAZON

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