There Is No Good Diaper. Full-Stop. But Cloth Diapers Are Better For BB AND Planet Earth.

by Jenny Altman
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Walmart Cloth Diaper Kit

If your parenting style is best described as “natural”, ie: you only buy clean beauty products, you want only the safest products for bb and for the environment, then cloth diapering might just be for you.

We know what you’re thinking — regular, single-use diapering is hard enough already (and it is!). Any diaper can get soaked through, poo can fly out the back in all directions, and even worse, they can explode in the pool. Why would anyone want to throw cloth diapers into the mix and make it even worse? Well, it’s certainly not for everyone (especially if you hate-hate-hate cleaning up sh*t), but if you’re not totally squeamish and truly care about the future of our planet, cloth diapering can be a great alternative. It can even be a big money-saver at a time when every penny counts.

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In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular. Roughly 10 percent of families are opting for washable, reusable cloth diapers over their indestructible, never-biodegrading counterparts. But still— the more Greta Thunberg educates each of us about climate change, and the more we learn about what we can do personally to help the planet, millennial families are cozying up to cloth diapers (plug your nose).

Are you game? If you are, get ready, because this isn’t for the faint of heart. Truth be told, it’s really not that f***ing difficult, either. There are a few decisions to make: #1-all in one or cloth diaper with separate inserts? Personal choice. #2-One size fits all or sized. Again, personal choice, follow the size charts to see what will fit your bb or toddler best.

One big piece of advice? Wash and/or soak your cloth diaper first. All of the rave reviews regarding absorbency are from parents who followed advice of moms before— the more you prep the diaper the more they’ll absorb. It’s worth the time pre-baby to save you post-baby (when you have no time).

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