Expensive, Lavish Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Love

14 Valentine’s Day Gifts So Lavish You May Have To Gift Them To Yourself

February 8, 2020 Updated February 27, 2020

Best Luxury Valentine’s Day Gifts

Ahh Valentine’s Day — that yearly opportunity to wear head-to-toe pink like a toddler and pretend that you can, in fact, pull off a bold red lip to the office (even if you work at home). Make the reservations, book the babysitter, and prepare yourself for a chocolate-induced cavity, because February 14 is but mere days away and it’s time to celebrate all things love.

Whether you’re boo’d up, riding solo, or in some sort of a thruple situation (no judgement), there are some seriously covetable gifts to be had. Gifts so good, in fact, that you don’t need no man, woman, or child (like they have the dough, anyway) to spend the bucks — because, honey, it’s time to treat ‘yo self. Valentine’s day 2020 is the perfect chance to go big or go home (or stay home even) and while you’re at it you might as well be decked out in cashmere, wearing your diamonds, mid-CBD-infused beauty treatment, while sniffing your pricey scented candle, dreaming of that dream trip (sans kids).

Merry you to you during you season, love.

Sexiest Cashmere Slipper

Minnie Rose Women’s Cashmere Pom Pom Slippers

Say it with me, “Cashmere slippers!” Slip into something more comfortable and for the first time actually mean it when you slide into these cozy babes. Snuggle up by the fire and look hot in the process with these luxe ladies that feel like you’ve been transported to a resort with every step.


Best Heart-Shaped Jewelry Buy

Nicole Rose Medium Lapis Diamond Heart Pendant

If you’re going to bite the bullet and get or give something that is shaped like a heart, you might as well look good doing it. Sidestep the pitfalls of cheesy jewelry with this stunning lapis and diamond heart pendant necklace that can be worn for year-round chicness.


Best Luxury Facial Roller

ReFa CAXA Ray Beauty Facial Roller

Whether you’re at home watching the new season of Frankie and Grace or boarding a plane en route to an exotic getaway (you deserve it!) this luxe facial roller should be right by your side. Major beauty and fashion influencers swear by this expensive hand-held device that promotes lymphatic drainage, lessens the appearance of fine lines and gently massages facial and neck muscles.


Best Expensive Pajamas

Sleeper Party Pajama Set With Feathers

Classic pajama sets just got a high-end makeover thanks to this It-girl-approved brand. Babe, she’s dry clean only — now that’s fancy for luxe loungewear, but honesty, now’s your time to shine and you should be comfy and chic while doing so. Did we mention that these sets are so stunning that many people opt to wear them in lieu of evening wear?


Best Practical Jewelry Gift

EF Collection 14K Gold and Diamond Star Earring Charm

Hear us out. If you can’t justify asking for or splurging on an entirely new set of earrings just think outside the box a little with these itty bitty beauties. Just pop one glittering earring charm on a set of huggies or thin hoops that you already own and — boom — you practically have a second pair of danglers.

$295 AT SAKS

Best Sensible and Sexy Lingerie

Zimmerli Ladies Cruise Collection Hipster Underwear

Get yourself ready for the most low-key luxe underwear experience of your life (or at least your winter). This Swiss brand knows a thing or two about soft underthings with strong sex appeal and it doesn’t get any more supple than micromodal material with pillow-soft lace trim….and you can wear them after your Vday shenanigans.


Best Valentine’s Day Fragrance

Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous Fragrance

You’re going to need a perfume that tells it like it is. You are fucking fabulous and don’t you forget it. With key notes of lavender, vanilla, and orris root, this unconventional scent is decadent and intoxicating — just like you.


Best Supple Body Oil

Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil

You’re gonna need to stay smooth, my friends and there is no better way to do it than with a body oil packed with anti-aging antioxidants (every little bit counts) for a sumptuous treat for our entire bod. Worth every penny.


Best Pricey Scented Candle

Diptyque Paris en Fleur Candle

This limited edition fragrant flame will be a welcome addition to your bedside table and your life in general. The floral notes of roses are mixed with spicy patchouli for a naughty and nice combo that is sure to inspire your evening ahead.


Best Practical Valentine’s Day Outfit

Just Love Buffalo Plaid Adult Onesie Pajamas

Nothing says “not tonight” quite like a bold, plaid, adult onesie. After all, sometimes playing a little hard to get is exactly what you need to get the party started. That, and it’s cold AF in February.


Best Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Minimalists

Grace Lee Resin Globe Rings With 7 Diamonds

Not everyone is a fan of in-your-face flirtatious jewels, which is why these subtly luxurious domed resin rings are made for you or the minimalist in your life. Stack with other fine jewelry pieces or rock this statement ring alone and feel loved as you gaze upon your petite inset stones.


Best Overall Valentine’s Day Gift

Google Nest Hub

Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of a virtual assistant. Never forget an anniversary, birthday, or meeting again with this digital memory box that now comes equipped with a screen and multi-user functionality (oooh, talk dirty to me).


Best Valentine’s Sleep Mask

Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask in Berry Kiss

Get some beauty sleep after your evening of fun (or Netflix binge) with a high-end sleep mask that will have you dreaming of the one you love on repeat. If you want to take this experience to another level, pair the luxe mask (which is good for your skin, by the way) with a pillow case from the same brand. 



Best Luxury Adventure

Luxury Trip To Switzerland And Italy Curated By Black Tomato

Lunch at Lake Como? Shopping the Amalfi Coast? This is the dream. Leave the kids at home. Heck, leave the spouse at home and pack your best bathing suit and face mask.You only live once. (Dreaming isn’t cheap—Prices start at $14,000 per person.)


Now that you’ve pampered you and your S.O in truly lavish fashion, check out our gifts to keep the extravagance going.

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