11 Best Marine Coolers (And Yeti Alternatives) To Keep Your Drinks Ice Cold All Summer Long

by Michelle Sparks
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When you’re on the hunt for the best coolers on the market, it usually means summer and hotter weather are not too far ahead. I mean, what’s a hot day on the lake without a cold drink? Some things just go together. Like dry shampoo and busy mornings (according to moms). Or bike shorts and tie-dye (according to Instagram influencers). Or an ice cold seltzer and a hot summer afternoon (according to every human ever). And for that, you’ll need a cooler.

What’s considered a good cooler?

Not every cooler is a good one, and you’ve got to know what to look for when you’re shopping for coolers for your boat (or a camping trip, road trip, etc). You need something that’s durable, UV resistant, and one with easy drainage and built-in cup holders would be pretty nice too. And, most importantly, you need something that’s insulated enough to keep your drinks frosty for hours on even the hottest of days.

Finding the perfect cooler can be tough (so many options! so many styles! so many brands!) which is why we’ve rounded up some of the most popular ones below, from boat seat cooler combos (!!) and the cult-favorite Yeti to awesome alternatives that are half the price. Based on reviews and ratings from mamas just like us, these are the best coolers you can buy right now, whether you’re stocking up on Capri Sun for the kiddos or something a little stronger for the adults. Time to hop on the boat for a nice day on the water, you’ll never be worried about hot beverages with these coolers!

Best Yeti Coolers

Coolers Similar To Yeti

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Best Marine Coolers

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