The Best Dish Drying Racks For Every Kitchen Sink Space

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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A dish rack isn’t necessarily the most exciting purchase you’ll ever make, largely in part because doing the dishes, well, sucks. But even if you have a dishwasher, a rack where your dishes can air-dry and drain is a handy —and hygienic—option you won’t regret buying. Choosing the best dish drying rack for your space is the trickiest part—but, of course, that’s where we come in.

For the germ-phobic among us (who isn’t these days?), air drying your kitchen utensils, dishes, pots, and pans offers a sanitary alternative to towel drying—and an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. For the nights when the dishwasher is too full, or not full enough (yes, that happens), a dish drying rack is your trusty backup. Your grandmother‘s antique, non-dishwasher-safe china? Yeah, it’s great for that, too.

These days, the dish rack options are plentiful, to say the least. There are expandable, collapsible, and customizable styles, tiered over-the-sink racks with storage and organization of kitchen necessities, and models made of everything from plastic to corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Whether you’re working with limited space or you’ve got a chef-worthy kitchen (lucky!), there’s a drying rack that suits your needs. Ahead, we shopped out the best dish drying racks for every home!

Best Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

Best Expandable Drying Rack

Best Customizable Dish Rack

Best Splurge-worthy Dish Rack

Best Affordable Dish Rack

Best Multi-Purpose Dish Drying Rack

Best Mini Dish Rack

Best Collapsible Dish Rack

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