43 Romantic Gifts That Are Anything But Expected

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Looking for romantic gifts to surprise your SO? First, before we start, let me give a round of applause for all of the couples who managed this year with minimal to no fights. This has been a tough year for couples, many who’ve been established long enough to really value their alone time. Between working from home and having the kids full time, couples have been under a lot of pressure. When you’re looking for romantic gifts for her, or romantic gifts for him, you’re really saying “I still find you attractive even though we’ve spent an ungodly amount of time under the same roof together.”

Romantic gifts for your partner are more important this year more than ever. Chances are, your “dates” have been hosted by Netflix, and your dinners out are more like dinners in with Grubhub. The ambiance was likely different. You may have been wearing sweatpants instead of a cute new dress. Romantic gifts are the one thing that this pandemic can’t take away from you. No matter what, you can still bring the romance with a great and thoughtful holiday, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or just-because present.

That said, romantic gifts may be tough to think of if you’re not necessarily the romantic type. If you’re in the position where you want to get something that makes them blush, here are a few good suggestions. And, bonus! All of these can be opened in front of your family without embarrassment.

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