Treat Yo' Self: 10 First Valentine's Day Gifts That Mark Your First Year As A Parent

by Anjerika Wilmer
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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For New Parents
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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for new parents — or for expecting parents — are usually a little different from what they were B.C. (before children). For one, when it comes to celebrating, there may be less imbibing (albeit, still some imbibing — unless you’re preggo) because ain’t nobody got time for a hangover at 6 am. For another, you may swap romantic gifts for sentimental gifts, and there might even include a sweet surprise from Baby to Mom or Dad. And perhaps you’ll get some Valentine’s Day presents for the kids, especially if you have an older child in your crew. So while you may find yourself shopping for Disney character stuffies instead of sexy underthings, this is the first V-Day with your new bundle of joy — you deserve to do something special (pandemic be damned!).

It’s no secret that everything (yes, err’thang) changes once you have kids. But, Mom and Dad, don’t forget to treat yourselves, even if it involves the whole family. So, here’s a Valentine’s Day idea: Surprise your partner with a present or two from this gift guide, which was curated with new parents in mind. And, if you’re staying in, consider enjoying some takeout and queue up a kid-friendly flick on Disney+ to commemorate the occasion. Yes, it may be a family affair, but you’re the reason they’re here — and that’s something to celebrate.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For New Parents

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Expecting Parents


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