13 Super Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For New Parents

13 Super Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas For New Parents
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As new parents, sometimes our ability to engage in good ol’ fashion romance is overpowered by the need to prevent our babies and toddlers from unintentionally causing bodily harm to themselves. But there’s no need to throw seduction and good times to the wayside; moms and dads can still get their Valentine’s Day groove on with these 13 romantic Valentine’s date ideas!

1. Sleep in until 7 a.m. I know it may seem like a long-gone fantasy, but throw caution to the wind and touch the untouchable. Be up after the sunrise for a change. Dare to dream.

2. Make a sensual breakfast date together. You can really heat things up between you and your spouse by eating it while it’s still warm. This rare treat is sure to make things sizzle.

3. Watch a sexy movie together. You know, one that doesn’t have talking inanimate objects that teach you a compelling life lesson. Seeing real actors conversing with one another is sure to remind you of the good old days when you, too, could go out and interact with adults in adult settings. I’m aroused just thinking about it.

4. Take a hot bath with each other. Being around someone who doesn’t laugh at the sight of their own penis will be a Valentine’s Day miracle.

5. Make a date out of dressing up for one another. Put on that sexy French maid outfit you’ve been saving. It’ll turn your man on while you clean the war-torn battlefield that was once your living room.

6. Share a sumptuous bottle of wine together. Even though you probably do this every day anyway, it’s still wine, so…you know.

7. Dinner date, anyone? Step out of your comfort zone and into something new and exotic, like not chicken nuggets.

8. Listen to some sultry love songs together. Bonus points if they’re not sung by large purple dinosaurs.

9. Turn up the heat with your battery-operated candles (because you haven’t seen a real flame candle since your toddler tried to burn down the house a few months ago) and give one another stimulating massages. You’ll finally have a use for all those bottles of baby oil you got at your baby shower two years ago.

10. Spice up your bedroom decor. Turn it into a love den by shoving all the dirty clothing and stuffed animals under your bed. Out of sight, out of mind, and into the mood.

11. Engage in role-play with one another. Pretend you’re someone who isn’t an exhausted pile of meat and bones and get carnal with each other.

12. Send dirty, seductive text messages to one another. As parents of a child who is now capable of repeating words with great clarity, this will prevent a lot of embarrassing future moments in public places.

13. Stay up with one another until 9 p.m. Although this is an hour past your traditional bedtime, you can spend that extra 60 minutes yawning in sync with one another.

Now you have some great ideas to propel your Valentine’s Day into a whirlwind of romantic intent. Enjoy it for as long as you can, since it will be at least another 365 days before you get the opportunity to soak up this special time with your spouse again. It’s all OK though. They’re worth it.