"Holy Rainbow Sprinkles!"

There’s A New Animated Barbie Series Coming To Netflix & It’s Downright Mystical

Barbie: A Touch of Magic introduces a baby pegasus.

Netflix's new animated series 'Barbie: A Touch of Magic' features some of our favorite Barbies, a Ma...

Barbie has always been an icon, but thanks to the global success of Greta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie, we’re now all living in our Barbie Girl Era. And while it could be a while before we get a sequel to this summer’s biggest cinematic hit, you won’t have to wait long to stream more Barbie adventures at home: Mattel’s all-new animated series Barbie: A Touch of Magic debuts Sept. 14.

The series — which will deliver “fantasy, friendship, and new, original music while revisiting the world of Barbie DreamHouse Adventures” — takes viewers to Malibu, where Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts stumble upon a mysterious baby horse.

Only, this isn’t just any horse. Peggy turns out to be a baby Pegasus, and the Barbie besties must work together to keep their magical new friend out of the clutches of a nefarious magical being named Rocki. Of course, they find themselves in all sorts of fun, funny, and heart-filled adventures along the way.

In this Scary Mommy exclusive clip, viewers get to see what happens when Peggy sneaks into the backseat of the car during Brooklyn’s driving lesson.

Looks like Peggy might be bringing a little mystery and mischief to the Barbies’ lives. But it’s through these adventures that Malibu and Brooklyn come to realize magic fills every corner of their world. That’s an enchanting lesson for little ones to learn, too.

And, naturally, the series will embody Barbie’s core message of empowerment. “More than ever before, Barbie is a cultural phenomenon, showcasing the brand’s global message that anybody can be anything through content that consistently appeals to the creativity and wonder within our worldwide audience,” said Alex Godfrey, Vice President of Content Distribution, Mattel Television, in a press release.


Fans of all things Barbie will likely recognize Malibu, Brooklyn, and their surroundings as the series acts as the highly anticipated follow-up to 2018’s super-popular Barbie DreamHouse Adventures. Familiar faces and places will dot the new series, while all-new original music and storylines will add exciting novelty.

For those of us who grew up playing with Barbie (and who’ve seen our kids grow up watching Barbie), the series promises to feel both fresh and nostalgic.

So, where, when, and how — not to mention how much — can you watch Barbie: A Touch of Magic? Once Sept. 14 arrives, you can stream Season 1 on Netflix, which will consist of 13 22-minute episodes. No word yet on subsequent seasons, but here’s hoping Season 2 won’t be far behind.